The Baylor dark saga continues and could well become a nightmare

to the CFP committee if they go undefeated the remainder of the season.

To throw gasoline on the fire … their Title IX coordinator resigned recently under the allegations that she and her recommendations were being ignored by “leaders” in the administration.


And I’m just sitting here with my bag of popcorn, enjoying the burn.

Wonder why they offered her $1.55M to resign.

Well, it’d be kind of hard to get another job with that on her resume now.

Les Miles and his agent were in Waco yesterday.

Interesting. With LSU reaching out to Briles agent, we may be looking at a trade. No word on possible future draft picks.

Surely Les Miles is not that desperate…

If Les takes that job and hires a half way decent OC, he could have Baylor ruling that conference. Even just a little bit of defensive prowess would go a long, long way toward sustained success in that league. Of course, this is all assuming UH doesn’t get in. There’s no doubt in my mind we could step in and immediately wreak havoc on that league.

Les Miles should be pushing for the Texas gig. That is not just wishful thinking so Texas stays away from Herman. I am being serious. Dude has a natty, recruits Texas, and has a fantastic winning record.

no mention of the visit on Baylor message boards…maybe he stopped to drop a duce on his way to Austin…


Les Miles was not in Waco yesterday.

lol!! Captain Coog for the win!

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