The best scout team defense 'in the history of college football' at UH

“Just because you are on scout team doesn’t mean we forget about you,” Holgorsen said. “It doesn’t mean it’s a punishment situation. It’s an opportunity for you to play football and opportunity for you to get our attention and figure out a way to help us.

“Two words that were associated with this program as dirty words: redshirting and scout team. We need to redshirt kids and we need scout team kids. That’s how you make your mark.”


Loaded. I can’t wait.


“Bryson Jackson, a former four-star recruit, redshirted at TCU last season.”

Does he also have to redshirt this season for UH Baseball?

I hope not. He would be a nice addition to what should be a good (maybe really good) team.

Yep … some schools have to wander the wilderness for several seasons before “crossing the Jordan”

Seems …

We will only have to wait just … one …

I can’t wait to see how ugly its gonna get for the OTHER team’s offense once our upgraded defense hits the turf next season …


I can’t wait to hit the transfer portal and snatch up some more help for next season. If we think we’re loaded for next season, imagine if we pickup a few more players who can immediately contribute.

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We need offensive linemen. A good JUCO may be road ready. HS talent usually takes at least a couple of years.


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