The Big 12-SEC challenge in basketball

Maybe this has already been discussed and I missed it. Does anyone have any insight on the AAC planning an event like this next season? I realize a conference can only schedule a weekend like this once a season, so that limits the AAC’s options. Perhaps the Big East would be a good match? Anything to promote our conference and put a spotlight on the high level of basketball our league generates.

I am all for it, Big East would be great. I would love for every conference to play a couple non conference games later in the season. It would potentially help our conference in a year like this where Tulsa and Cincy have gotten much better as the season goes on.

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Like this?


We started an AAC - SEC challenge this year. AAC won the challenge 3 games to 1.
Houston 76 vs South Carolina 56
WSU 74 vs Ole Miss 54
SMU 92 vs Vandy 81
Memphis 62 vs UGA 65


Return games are next season including us hosting South Carolina.

Oh yeah…that happened. :slight_smile:

The AAC/SEC challenge was bogus, it was the bottom feeders of the SEC that were involved


It’s a start. Only two teams in the SEC are outside the Top 100 in the Sagarin ratings. Of those, only Vandy was in this year’s AAC / SEC challenge. Would not mind seeing an AAC / Big XII thing done with the AAC “leftovers” so we get more teams involved.

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Pretty much. By KenPom:

UH #23 vs South Carolina #90
Memphis #59 vs Georgia #98
Wichita St #39 vs Ole Miss #116
SMU #74 vs Vanderbilt #180

Averages out to #49 vs #121.

Not a good look for the SEC.

Were these numbers from the time of the contests, or current standings ? ? ? ? ?

Those were from today.

I would think a more accurate comparison would be on the day/week the games were played. Rankings have a way of changing drastically, as I’m sure you understand. Players get injured, come off injuries and rejoin the team, team work develops, issues develop and rankings change due to these and other issues (see Memphis as an example). My guess (I’m too lazy to research the old data) is that the teams were much closer rated when they were played. I do know, in our case, we have changed dramatically from way back when . . . . .

All I know is we won our first AAC/SEC challenge.

Nobody will care what people were ranked a couple of years down the road.


I would think that ratings get more accurate as the season progresses, as they acquire more data points to compute from. But I agree, teams do fluctuate throughout the season.