The Big Burn

Happen to see the show about the largest forest fire in US history on PBS. It intrigued me enough to buy the book. Simply outstanding. Definitely worth adding to your reading list. The real life cast of characters is tremendous

You got me ! I would’ve bet money it was about relatively recent events…but no, the time setting is

Funny, worst hurricane 1900 and worst fire 1910. Climate change?


No no no no no…lack of rainfall. Climate change does not exist. Barrels of
oil magically disappear into nothing. You can see it with your own eyes.

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Worst in terms of what…size and intensity? Frequency? Nope. Far from it. Deaths? Yes.

There were no radars, computer generated prediction models, instantaneous forms of communication to alert besides a telegraph, cars, buses, and highways to evacuate, understandings that you don’t build freaking orphanages in wooden buildings on the beach, a more thorough scientific understanding of hurricanes, and a seawall…among many other advancements. Just ask Isaac.

Exceptions don’t make the patterns and when exceptions exist you dig deeper as to why. It’s a simple idea.

Point of comparison, since Isaac’s storm there has only been one with intensity close to it. Carla. I don’t think Carla’s storm surge could be seen in the trees around Dickinson. I know the water came up pretty far though.

As for size, the eye came in on the Brazos River. It completely destroyed Missouri City. So was it the worst, I’ll still say yes.

…and do you know what is synonymous with these fires?

Lack of forest management it is. Do you know what that means? A sequoia tree eaten by disease can’t be clear/taken out. This is valid for all or a few tree/plant species.

What does this mean? I will answer with another question.
What happens if hundreds of thousands of matches are pilled up together and a lightning strike or an arsonist decides to commit a crime?
This is the clearest example that I can give you of what is really going on in California with wild fires.
Here is another example that you have not heard in the media.
Why would state or local firefighters want these fires to extend or last?
Overtime pay. As outrageous as it may seem this is the direct answer that I got from one of my local chief friends. He is retiring next year and has told me this specific reason.
Now look at the firefighters salaries on the following website:
I invite everyone on Coogfans to click and enter firefighter.
Do you still believe it has anything to do with climate change now?

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