The Big List of Elon Musk’s Hyperbole, Evasions, and Outright Lies

I forsee a future run for the GOP presidential nomination some day. He fits right in.

His biggest lie is EVs are green.

He wasn’t born here. Can’t run.

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EVs are green, its been proven over and over.

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It depends on how you define green, as the mining of the battery components come with their own set of environmental and ethical issues. However I would just consider that there are tradeoffs like anything else.

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Greener than the alternative and with the potential of being even greener in the future.


What mining? Mining that’s done in another country? Do you also check for material origin when you buy other stuff? If you don’t, then you’ve bought into the right wing anti EV misinformation.

Agree with this. There are trade offs.

Is mining done in another country not problematic for the environment? What about oil drilled on another country or emissions?

This isn’t right wing propaganda, this is the reality of the world. I’m not necessarily pro or anti electric vehicles. I’m just pointing out that there are tradeoffs.

Yea, do haters ever bring up slave labor in Saudi? Heck no.

There are always trade offs, that’s what I was saying. That the materials needed for batteries come with their own environmental and other issues just like oil does.

So insisting that it is green without any definition of green is misleading. Is it better than combustion engine? Maybe. Like I said there’s trade offs.

I don’t see why you take issue with me acknowledging that reality. I’m all for trying to be sustainable and caring about the environment, just without the hubris.

In regards to Saudi, here’s more information.

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Cobalt is also used oil and gas operations, specifically oil refining

Essentially - unethical mining is a problem that needs to be addressed, yes, but it’s still a better alternative than oil and gas which is much more destructive to entire civilizations

Well, when you only post anti EV posts, we are lead to believe your view aren’t as balanced as you think.

What other anti-EV post have I made? (I don’t believe the post in this thread was an anti-EV post but not going to argue that)

Musk wants to put a chip in everyone’s brain and he wears Baphomet on his chest plate.
Screw him.

Had to look up what you were talking about on the 2nd part of that statement.

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It depends on how green the grid is where the EVs are being charged.

This save the planet with an EV that goes 300 miles before it needs to be recharged and it takes hours to recharge is just another Elon Musk lie to get you to buy an inefficient product.

That evil Musk.

"Quick update from Maui: very productive day in Lahaina. On assessment, one of the major needs is communication in many areas. Many power lines are down and connectivity is hard to find.We bought 20 Starlink systems to bring internet connection. We successfully set up multiple today, and will continue to set more up in the next few days,” the organization noted.

Don’t know if that’s just sloppy journalism writing or misstatement from the relief organization, but bought isnt free.

Musk is an ego maniac ( evil if you will) but
no doubt technically talented. He’s smart enough here to get publicity for his 2 big companies. But he does very stupid things at
times too( X, etc). And lies. Very human.

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