The bloom is off the rose

Get it over and get real - we still have a long way to go.

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Every rose has its thorn.


Every Cowboy

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We have a long way to go, yes, but likely nothing to play for. The odds of a CCG berth are pretty much nil, and the way the AAC assigns bowls means we can’t change our bowl destination, either. We’re basically just prepping for next year with a coach that won’t be here next year.

Has it’s dawn

You sir are a moron. Take your quitting attitude somewhere else. CCG is hardly out of the picture and who knows what’s happening with CTH, except for him and his agent.


Moar, your whiny sniveling posts are more and more unbearable! Navy certainly isnt in any position to run the table as they simply arent good enough on defense to do it. Losing to Memphis or dropping both the Memphis and South Florida games changes everything…And Herman isnt going anywhere…Get over to the Rice board, where your loser mentality is more acceptable…

Rice has a board?

And Herman isn’t going anywhere

Really? The idea that Texas reached out is too farfetched for you? Is it that Tom Herman denied he has a dream job, but may have spent the week dreaming about Austin? Who can blame him? It’s beautiful and scenic, cool, and above all, has one of the richest programs in college.

The NCAA should have firm rules in place for in-season tampering. We got screwed with Sumlin, and now this guy. I think Herman’s great, but you would have to be a robot not to be tempted by the power of the NCCA P5. It’s not that the coaches should not be allowed to move on, but there should be NO CONTACT during the season. It’s just not fair to fans.

I have no idea if Tom Herman, his Agent, or both were contacted by Texas, but it seems plausible. And I’m on record as saying this is Tom Herman’s last season with UH. He has nothing left to prove here. He’s not staying to atone for the Navy game. He’s done plenty to help UH, and this lose doesn’t change that, but winning against Louisville will lift our spirits.

Nothing personal there, Aldineblue, but you’re obviously missing something that most of us can see right out in the open.

Dear Scotti, aldine is pretty connected so don’t be so negative. CTH is trying to build something special here and I don’t think he moves on until he’s accomplished that.

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