The Castration is complete

Now that UT@Austin has abandoned the Big12-2. Now that the 2 flagship schools of the Southwest have officially been absorbed into the SouthEASTern conference. Let it be known that college football tradition in the state of Texas has officially been castrated from the state. The greed of the PUF schools has overtaken their responsibility to represent college football in Texas. They are now 2nd tier programs in an established conference far away from the independent rugged virtues representative of the Southwest. Godspeed my castrated PUF friends. You reap what you sow.


The second richest state in the union, the state with the second most people have as many flagship schools as Alabama and so many other states whose population is 6,7, 8 times smaller than Texas. As many Power5 schools as Alabama and many smaller states well. This is a product of egregious mismanagement in epic proportions by the state’s stupid bigwigs! Every state tries to maximize the money and resources that it has, except Texas!

In Texas, the state government intentionally consolidates all of its money and resources into two schools to the detriment of all other schools! Completely the opposite of getting it done! That equates to spending 8 times as much by the state of Texas to getting the same result as a typical school in other parts of the country spends. For example, UT might outspends Alabama and USC nearly 2 to 1 in athletics but getting less than half of the national titles in football than both of those schools. Not smart!


No one has done less with more than Texas and TAMU.


Maybe UGA, but they are a distant 3rd.


The leftovers are acting like they have been jilted by the University of Texas. How stupid. The University of Texas only cares about the University of Texas. They are singularly dedicated to their own self interests.

Bob Bowlsby acting like “I thought we were buddies, we talked every day. We vacationed together!!!”. What a moron.

I give it 5 - 10 years before there is serious strife in the SEC. The University of Texas looks down their nose on everyone. They aren’t in the SEC because of any sense that these are like minded schools. They are in it for the money. They know the economics of TV and college football are changing and it will soon be about the individual matuchup and how many people will watch that individual matchup.

I am proud of the fact that UT looks down their nose at every school but there is only one school it hates and that is us. It would have been easier for us to suck up to them but I am glad we haven’t. We have fought them at every point and have beaten them regularly.


I think the whorns are going to be for a rude awakening. In the SWC/BIG XII, they were the big dog and could run roughshod over the rest of the conference. In the SEC, they may be a big dog, but not THE big dog. They couldn’t win a conference title with OU and the seven dwarfs. How are they going to win SEC titles? I’d bet UH ends up in the CFP before UT does.


So I guess the PUF schools will all be singing soprano at their next church picnic BBQs … OR

the female aria at their Tristan and Isolde opera …

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This was always their endgame. From the SWC to the Big 12 they’ve always wanted to break away and be free of the other Texas schools. I guess I get it. But with such built in advantages (PUF) they really shouldn’t talk mess.

Anywho, still hoping we get an ACC invite.


Good post but I’m not sure if you can compare UT to USC since the latter is a private school. Certainly the main California public schools (UCLA and Cal) haven’t done anything in football to be especially proud of. I agree with you about the state government in Texas hurting the other public schools outside of UT and TAMU though.

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I will slightly correct your point…that is a perfect example of how the utau pimp operates with his atm minion.
We got invited into the SWC and how many SWC championships did we win within the first ten years of our start into the SWC?
Why do you think the utau pimp sent his “workers” to the ncaa?
Why do you think the ncaa put us on probation at the time that they did?

I keep writing it. I have no doubt that if UH had been “treated” like everybody else we would be RIGHT NOW a National powerhouse.
Remember friends that only the Miami area has had more “top” recruits that the greater Houston area.
This is why and only both the utau pimp and atm are doing everything to keep us in the ditch.

Corinthcoog great points. We hear about Texas football and everybody ought to know the true reality of what the utau pimp is doing to the entire state of Texas.

First of all the Horns really couldn’t win the B12 that much. OU will win the remaining championships and their B12 legacy will make UT’s look pretty runner-uppish…historically speaking.

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