The Chop Shop (ChopShopHTX)- CKS & Kellen


Coog…it’s Coog


Have to say this was a great watch and listen. CKS is a coaching Jedi at this point and Kellen dropped a lot of gems.


Great show. Especially If you want an interview with authenticity and no softball questions or “coachspeak”. Listen to the whole show. We hit a homerun with the Sampson hire.


Sounds like the schedule is going to be fun in the future.

  • LSU is the one that reached out to get the home and home going again. CKS wanted to announce the 3rd sec team but couldn’t because the contract wasn’t signed.

  • mentioned a series vs acc opponent still to be announced for the future. Said the ACC going to 20 conf games made it tricky. Mentioned 2 big announcements for the future

  • Sounded like a series vs Texas Tech is coming in the future.

  • reinteritated he is against neutral site games at Toyota Center


Totally agree with him about Toyota Center !!

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As noted earlier, Kelvin Sampson: “The Cougars play at the Fertitta Center. So, we’ll play you there.”


That was an extremely good interview. I’m excited about our schedule and our program. Coach Sampson is no nonsense and tells it like it is. We’re lucky.


I love that Kelvin mentioned a future home and home with an ACC team and a 3rd SEC team not named LSU or South Carolina.

I just relocated to Charlotte, NC. Any ACC vs Houston game I’ll be at on the east side :slight_smile:

Another thing I have noticed how many times in an interview CKS brings up Jwan Roberts. Man he definitely seems high on him.

Great!! You cannot make exceptions for anyone. We move an out of conference game to the Toyota Center, every out of conference opponent will try to move their game there.

Same with football, unless it is part of that program that we have participated in the past few years, the answer is no to the NRG.


Interesting that no mention of Nate or DeJon was brought up during the podcast…at least not that I heard !

My hunch is that UT or A&M have pitched a neutral site game at the Toyota Center. Good to see CKS sticking to his position. Great session with both CKS and Kellen.

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I think you mean that those two may have pitched a “home and home” with UH, with our “home” game at Toyota !!

This is how they ride !!

Personally I doubt if either want to play UH.

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Coach mentioned at the beginning of the interview that UH is working some sort of series with Texas Tech. That would be a great “home and home” series. Plenty of Tech fans in Houston so FC would be full; however, it would be tough environment for our guys in Lubbock.