The Dude speaks

As much as I like to hear that news–Dude of WV has a history of being inaccurate. That being said that set of 4 makes the most sense monetarily.

You left out the prior tweet. Kind of important context.

Christopher Lambert ‏@theDudeofWV 2h2 hours ago
I’m going to take a stand and endorse 4 G5 schools for the Big 12. This is just my opinion and a hard one decision for me to make.

Christopher Lambert ‏@theDudeofWV 2h2 hours ago
The four are BYU, UH, UCF & UC. UCONN was a close to UC but UC has a better football history.

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The dude is fun to read…but also a drama queen in the highest sense. He does bring humor in a perverse sort of way to twitter though.

MHver3 ‏@MHver3 42m42 minutes ago
My source is telling me the expansion candidates are now down to 3 and we won’t go beyond 12 until after other conferences GORs are up

MHver3 ‏@MHver3 46m46 minutes ago
Those three are Uconn BYU and Cincy.

Would a Cincy and UConn-less AAC still beat out the MWC for the NY6 Bid? Thats the question.

I keep seeing ACC schools mentioned by big12 fans as possible candidates. At this point the ACC > B12, why would any one leave to join the mess that the Longhorns have made?

They would not. Delusional fans and bloggers looking for page hits.

And apparently the B12 will not be adding anyone. Oh well…

The shat he threw didn’t stick. Again.

I have not and do not trust the Dude of WV. Most of all, I don’t like that he ruins the name “The Dude”.

That was a great movie.

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Did the AAC lose out to the MWC after Louisville and Rutgers departed? Similar talent level loss, and no conference champions lost, in football anyway.

The Dude abides.

He isn’t a bona fide dude – just a wannabe.

That dude said emphatically today that UH is completely out of the running…a ‘non-starter’ according to his insider sources. Ok dude

TheDopeofWV. :flushed:

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