The evolution of the tight end in college football

Sam Khan article which features James Casey

James Casey, a former college and NFL tight end who is now coaching the position for the University of Houston, said it’s difficult to find players who are big enough, fast enough and strong enough to do everything coaches ask of tight ends.

“You have to be able to block at the line of scrimmage,” Casey said. “You have to know all the run game calls, some pass protection stuff, all the route concepts and have that mindset that’s like an offensive lineman. You have to be that meathead, aggressive type guy, that kind of ‘punk’ almost, like a lot of really good offensive linemen are, but then you also have to be able to go out there and split out be in the slot and run all the routes.”

Imo I view the position differently. Some Coaches viewed or have viewed the position like Sam is explaining. Others have had a completely different view. It comes down to a different offensive philosophy. Do you have a spread offense? How do you or do you even want to use a TE? It is left to one’s appreciation. First and foremost the “ideal” TE has to be a great athlete. From Gonzales, Winslow, Gates, Gronk, Ditka they are all great athletes. To think that they were to just block is…again these Coaches own opinion. Belicheatcheat uses two or three T.E.'s almost like a Run and Shoot formation. He explained many times that he wanted Mouse Davis ideas converted while using a T.E. or multiple T.E.'s. He has been a master at it. He proved to everyone how open minded he is. Great to see even though I can stand the Patriots . Mariucci used Gonzales at Cal knowing that he was a great athlete. The T.E. is almost like a post up/center/power forward basketball player. You get a 6-4 plus great athlete and look out. Just look at the “damage” that L.Green did with Louisiana Lafayette. Without the injuries he could very well be at the top. I check every day to see if we have recruited one. The threat that a 6-5 or plus T.E. is huge and can be incorporated in any offense. It is us to the Coach to make it work. Leach and others have not won any Championships…maybe they have been too stubborn…just saying.
Just look at Gil Brandt list:

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