The Giver — Jamal Shead, College Basketball's Most Unselfish Star, Builds Up



He will look for his shots when we need him which is what you saw early in the Dayton game.


I’ve been watching Coog basketball since 1959 (granted I was < 1 year old at the time) and imo Shead is the most complete (best?) I’ve ever seen. That’s not to say we haven’t had some great ones, but he checks every box for me. This team goes as far as Jamal takes them.

Special mention to Galen who started the Sampson show. If Elvin “built” Hofheinz, Galen built Fertita.


Had a feeling a Shead article was coming today :smiley:

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Shead’s two steals in one play reminds me of LJ Castile’s two crushing downfield blocks on one play.

I looked for it on YouTube but could not find it


What about LJ Rose…?


what about Anthony Goldwire…now our player dev on sampsons staff

he is the number 2 all time cougar with 5.9 assists per game
Shead is 4.6

AG was an excellent point guard. I’d grade Shead higher based on defense, ferocity, and athleticism.

There are a number who should be in the conversation, especially since it’s completely subjective. Rob, Galen, jerreau, and others (my aging memory mushes many of them together, especially those from the 60s and 70s)

Among pass first PGs at UH I would rate Shead and Deeky at the top, not to far ahead of Galen.

Score first would have to be Rob Williams at the top, who is next among score first? Goldwire, Gee Gervin?

Goldwire did it all, a case can be made for him.

I think top 3 are Deeky, Shead and Rob Williams in some order

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Rob Williams is at the top

Before Sampson we had never replaced Anthony Goldwire.

While GRob and Jarreau got the job done, especially on defense, neither compared to AG.

We finally have one in Shead who I may be ready to move ahead of AG.

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does Shead have another year left or is he done after this season?

I don’t mean him going pro, but could he actually return next year if he wanted?

b/c that would be awesome…

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I believe he could play another season if he wanted.

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Derrick Daniels is so underrated by most of our fan base. He is second all time in assists and I can remember so many drops under the basket by Foster’s South American big men.

He was a damn good point guard.

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Fair enough, I just think Deeky and Shead’s stifling defense separates them from DD a little. DD may be our best assist man ever along with Reid. Reid gets knocked for dumping it to HOFers but the numbers can’t be ignored.

Same with J’Wan I think. CKS made a comment about Robert’s being a able to come back nest year!

Daniels was nice but didn’t feel like he quite filled the hype. He did form a good duo with Byron Smith in the backcourt.

  1. Rob
  2. D. Smith

Missing anyone from early 80s?

Ken Ciolli wasn’t half bad.