The Good News

After that defensive performance, I’m pretty sure we’ve been named an honorary Big XII member.


well, a quick laugh stopped my crying.


Well played, sir.

Man, now that is a silver lining.

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A wee beam of sunlight in a great sea of dispair. Woe is me.

Still amazes me that we’re upset because we may not make the playoff and dropped one game.

Man, how far the program has come.


But when you dangle the potential of this team in our faces (almost blowing out OU), it raises the bar.

The floor was supposed to be a Cotton Bowl appearance, BASED on how we played vs FSU and OU.

But yes on the grand scheme of things, UH has lost TWO games since Herman got here. Hard to do better than that.

I’m not upset about the playoff. I’m upset that we’re almost certainly going to miss the CCG. I had already chalked up the Louisville game as a loss.

I attened games during the Helton/Dimel era, this is heaven compared to those years.

Me too. I was there for 0-11

Pretty young for Helton, but I remember being on the wrong end of a lot of assbeatings.

We need Navy to lose 2 of their 4 remaining AAC games. That doesn’t semester likely. Still really, really pissed that Bowser and Taylor are out because we’re more concerned with living the thug life than playing football.

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Somebody explain to me why people think Navy has to lose two games for us to get in and we can’t get in on a 3-way tie with Memphis.

Football is all about matchups, timing and numerous other factors. They caught us on a bad day with multiple important defensive starters out who are all good run stoppers. But let’s not forget that Navy beat a bad UConn team by 4 and an even worse Tulane team by 7. They could easily lose to Memphis and/or USF. And if I understand conference play correctly, if they lose one and UH beats Memphis and that’s the only conference losses for those 3, it goes to a tie breaker. Not sure exactly how that plays out, but this season is not over yet. We just have to take care of the rest of our business.

I feel bad for Tulsa next weekend. They are going to catch our wrath in a big way.

I also don’t have to spend a couple hundred on Peach Bowl tickets now as well. My kids can have a Christmas! lol

“because we’re more concerned with living the thug life than playing football.”

That’s a cheap shot, IMO.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Something for all if us to keep in mind.

Yep, that’s a tough one. Drive 30 minutes and your biggest expense is paying for parking. You’re killing me :joy:.

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Think what you like. Updated SBNation bowl projections have UH versus Arkansas State. I hope these players enjoyed the shenanigans. I’m going to call a spade a spade.

$5 for parking too since I take MARTA, Atlanta’s railway transit. :sunglasses:

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Arky State in a bowl game?! In my best Charles Barkley voice, “That’s turrrrrrrrrrrrble!”

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