The Great Divide

I listen to XM Channel 84 at lot in the mornings because local sports radio in the morning is so bad. The conversation between McElroy and Zarzour revolved around the rankings for the top four teams and there was also a question about UCF and if there was a possibility of them making it into the playoff if undefeated.
The response was a resounding no because of strength of schedule. They also alluded to the premise that the G5 schools should go ahead and create a separate league that would create a separate playoff system and ultimately generate more money.

While this may or may not be true I just can not wrap my head around this kind of scenario and do believe it would destroy my faith in college football as a whole. To be honest I might have a hard time justifying spending the kind of money I do now for what would ultimately be a 2nd tier product.

I am just wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on this subject. I hope it never comes to that but the power brokers aren’t making it easy to dismiss.

I think it’s unfortunately inevitably that’s where we are heading. I’d say go ahead and abandon your faith now. Even if we get to be in the big conferences giving up your faith is probably just best to save yourself the heartache.

If we don’t make it, it’s going to be a huge issue going forward in terms of generating excitement, money and attendance.

It’s not a matter of abandoning my faith, I will still be there and will support the team but I also go to basketball and baseball games. it just may be a matter of shifting some of that monetary support . I can’t honestly say what I would do but considering where we came from as far back as the SWC days the expectation for me is much higher than that scenario.

I think it would create too much carnage week to week if 60 or so P5 teams only played each other…no recovery weeks vs non P5 and FCS teams. Maybe a lot of parity as well because just so hard be consistent week to week. Look at Iowa St this year, Iowa, Mich St, Ohio St…big wins followed by disappointing performances.
Obviously the P5 schools are viewed differently…for example USF fell off radar after losing to UH in close game…didn’t show respect for USF or UH…there are several 3 loss P5 schools in top 25 today because they have played numerous games vs ranked opponents

We are never going to be in a p5. However,
We can be the top g5 program in the country: why you can’t feel good about that don’t know.


I think college football would have a lot to lose by kicking the G5 out. A big reason why I watch other college games is because UH is part of it. When UH is doing well I will watch even more games.

So if UH is out, I would not be watching many games. I am assuming neither would a lot of people in the same situation. We are taking about fans from like 70 teams.

I don’t think a G5 playoff helps anybody. The Access Bowl is probably more lucrative anyway – judging from most of the G5 TV contracts, the revenue stream from a G5 playoff likely wouldn’t even offset the costs of getting players and bands to a couple of neutral sites.

Honestly, I think regardless of what happens with the CFP or any successors that may follow, it’s probably reasonable to assume that a national championship is pretty much off the table. Even with an inclusive playoff, something like 70% of FBS schools won’t win one in our lifetimes. Hell, schools like Rutgers may not even win a division title. IMO, most college sports fans in general would do well to focus on conference titles rather than national ones.


No one will ever convince me when they say ISU football has more value than UH football.


Their attendance is 10-15k/game higher than ours, so…

but yeah, about half of the old Big 8 schools basically hit the lottery when the old SWC schools joined – The Big 12 had maybe 6 schools (and that’s a generous estimate) of any real value. K-State, OSU, and ISU would never be P5 if they hadn’t had their wagons hitched to OU 50 years ago.

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The P5 likes the fact (by definition of P5) fans and media already think G5 programs are pretenders, not contenders. We are screwed forever and ever. Get used to it, embrace it, and have as much fun as possible. We will always have the chance to be a giant killer, but never any chance to be the giant.

Then why were we favored over Arizona and TT? TT was considered the “giant killer” when they beat us.

I think the reason it is difficult for me to accept striving to be only the top G5 is history. I saw what we could be when we were included. I firmly believe that the only reason we can’t be a top 10 school each year is due to conference affiliation or lack thereof.

I agree with everything you said except for the above. Never is a strong word.

AAC will never agree to being in a “G5” league. Every AD has already come out against it and Aresco has said it as well.

There is not more money to be made in a separate “G5” league or playoff. If there was, the FCS schools would be making more money than we are now. Once relegated, the league becomes an afterthought.

Not sure the P5 schools actually want the G5 schools to break away as they know they would lose money. I know I would quite watching FBS football if UH is no longer part of it and I would imagine many other G5 fans would as well.

Future shows that big TV contracts may be a thing of the past for all conferences. If so, CFB will look a lot different than it does now.

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Where were you when we beat FSU in 2015? OU and Louisville in 2016? We had a real shot at Playoff in 2016 but we couldn’t hold it together to beat Navy and SMU.

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So, the AAC teams are moved down 4 spots under the new process.

I don’t think the G5 will break away. I think the P5 would like that. It would help them recruit in our town and in Florida. As long as a G5-er gets to play in NY6 bowl and can win often enough, say 3 of 5 years, then I think we have legitimacy.

What I hope happens:

  1. The CFP is thrown into total chaos, hopefully this year, by Auburn beating Bama and then UGA again in the CCG. The OSU loses to Michigan and Wisconsin loses CCG. South Carolina beats Clemson and Clemson beats Miami in CCG.

  2. UCF beats the tar out of whoever they face in NY6.

This is my dream.

section230, I’m a season ticket holder, was at the Peach Bowl, been on lots of road trips over the years. We appear to be squeezed out of the P5, meaning we will not make the big bucks nor will we get the street cred. Unless we can schedule top-drawer P5 teams, we will languish. Example: Wisconsin could go undefeated in the Big Ten and still not make the playoffs. No wonder UCF can’t get a sniff. We never had a real shot at the playoff. Unless the P5 schools all end up with 3-loss champions, G5 teams will have to settle for a NY6 bowl game. Truth.

The P5 is a joke label, we have proven that. If the divide is so great how come we beat FSU and Oklahoma. Tech fans can puff up their chest and say Big 12 but they know they were scared of the Coogs this year. Arizona can beat up on Pac 12 opponents but couldn’t handle us.
Besides that, I’m tired of the idea that if you can’t make the playoffs then your season doesn’t count. That’s not how college football works, and it makes only Alabama and hand full of teams important each year. and now the talk is already which coaches will be poached to make the big names good again. What a joke.

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Every P5 conference has those three or four teams that are considered elite, depending on the year. The quality of program we have and the level of talent should match up well with most teams on all conferences below those three or four I would think.