The greatest redemption bracket of all time

If this ends up being the bracket (which it won’t), it is the greatest redemption bracket of all time.

Bracketology: Indiana Moves Down; Big Ten With Most Teams in Projected Field - Sports Illustrated Indiana Hoosiers News, Analysis and More

First game is an easy one then potentially:

Unc Ashville - we should win that one
NC State - need I say more
Indiana - I am sure coach would say all the right things but…
Texas - beating those (explitive) Horns to go to the Final Four, oh my

It is nice to dream, but that won’t be the bracket and even if it is, there will be upsets. But a guy can dream can’t he.


Give UNC Ashville partial credit. They’re a UNC school and UNC denied us in 1982.


Cap it off with UCLA in the final four and Baylor in the final and it’d be one hell of a redemption tour.


Redemption? I prefer Reveeeenge!!! Gaaaaaaarrrrrr!!!


I said it 4 months ago the committee is gonna pair us up with Indiana.


No game is easy. Lets respect everyone. I’m sure other teams weren’t expecting to get defeated first round either.

I’d love to beat Indiana just for Sampson to rub their noses in it. Would be funny as Hell if we were leading by 15 at the three minute mark and KS spends the last two minutes talking into a cell phone.