The Houston vs Miami Matchup

UH by 5 :writing_hand:

UH hasn’t even hit their stride. They’ll hit it on Friday now that they’ll pretty much be healthy.

You could tell that they

  1. Only watch Power5 teams
  2. Watched the entire Indiana-Miami game but none of the UH-Auburn game

As an “expert” dont you have to do due diligence on the teams you are evaluating? I mean, pesik has definitely watched more games that these guys and its their job


Hope they can get healthy fast.
:pray: for miracles.

They look pretty healthy on defense Sat. :pray:

Sasser was far from looking pretty healthy on defense Saturday night. You notice he was not driving the ball on offense either but smartly was using his jump shot that we needed badly. We started the game in zone for a reason other than we are good at playing zone.


He look healthy enough to be out there in the 2nd half. Foul trouble got him to the bench or he would of played more minutes.

Give him & Shead a 6 day rest and he should be ready to cook!


I think he got into foul trouble because he wasn’t moving well. I can’t think of a single other time this year Sasser was in foul trouble.


Throw up my Daily Cougar.

We are favored by 7.

I think we beat that. Coogs by 11.

Totally agree but Miami’s guards are very quick…and those types have given us fits this year. If Shead and Sass play like they did the second half against Auburn I think we will be alright…
One of the keys to me is Roberts should be lined up to have a decent game…he seemed off against Auburn early, but I don’t see that happening two games in a row


Roberts’ touch in the paint has been off for about a month now. It’s weird because early in the season, he made everything in the paint. Now nothing is falling for him. He’s made up for it with defense and rebounding, but his scoring touch would be really nice about right now.


Absolutely we could use his inside scoring! To me, it looks like he has been rushing some of his shots while others are just rimming out. Hopefully those shots start dropping…


We will win


Feels like another game we win, but with great difficulty early. Miami is a GOOD team and not to be slept on. Rebound and bring the buzzswaw defense the entire time. Go Coogs Go!

Man, what I wouldn’t give for an easy wire-to-wire victory!


Just to add to this, Kelvin said in one of his post game interviews that he ‘got on’ Shead and Sasser. Basically told them, either you’re injured or you’re playing. He could tell they were slow on D. Especially Sasser’s lateral D. Jamal also said I his post game that Kelvin was holding them accountable during H2, essentially what Kelvin said.

So they were definitely not healthy looking, but they came out tougher and ready to play in H2.

Coogs by 20

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Yeah not sure what’s going on with J’wan offensively. Had those 2 big games scoring 20+ back to back and then just kind of fell off the map, in that regard. Either way, he’s very valuable and we need need need rebounds and second chance points against a good offensive team like Miami.

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His touch seems off. He’s missed several easy layups lately

Build a huge lead and sit S&S.