The Houstonian Yearbook

Hey all, I was given 4 copies of The Houstonian from a friend who does estate sales. They are from ‘60-‘64.

I wanted to know if someone wanted them or would like me to find and post some pictures from them. Just let me know.

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I’ll take them if they’re still available.

FYI - all of the yearbooks from 1934-2010ish are online and digitized by the MD Anderson librarians.✓&sort=sort_date_ssi+asc&per_page=100&locale=en

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Yes, they’re available!

You don’t get the beautifully embossed covers online!


Neat, thanks for the link.

Now a question for all. Did you notice how small the class sections are for student
photos ? How do we stack up against other universities in respect to getting
the student yearbook photos taken ?

Is this an indication of why we have such a rather small alumni support base
in terms of donations to the school and support of athletics ? If you don’t have enough
interest to participate in getting your picture taken in the 4-6 years you are a student does
not speak well of the culture.

I have our 95-97 yearbooks that I bought while I was in law school.

I never had my photo taken for any of them though.

As an aside, I have kids in school now and am amazed that yearbooks are all in color. I was on the yearbook staff in high school, it was like the dark ages back then.

What about at your undergrad school ?
Did you just skip those as well ?

It seems we have a low participation rate, but I got no reference points for comparison.

I only had a photo done for my Sr. year.

As a consequence, that is the only undergrad yearbook I bought.

The only grad school I have a yearbook, and have a photo from, was US Army Command and General Staff College in 2009.

I didn’t know colleges did year books.