The KMO Burger? REALLY?


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I have heard the further you get from Texas the worst Whataburger gets. I have a Phoenix experience that proves it

IMHO, since being bought out by BDT Capital Partners, which is based in Chicago, Whataburger hasn’t been as good as they used to be.

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It hasn’t been as good because that’s what the gonorrhea of the financial world, private equity, does. Buy a popular brand, rapid expansion, massive cost cutting, relying on the goodwill previous owners built up, run it into the ground, and finally sell for scrap.

If a company sells out to private equity ight is either in serious financial trouble and it’s excepting a brief extension on it’s life span at the expense of it’s soul. Or in the case of Whataburger they are pulling a cash grab and telling everyone else to cram a barbed wire phallus where the sun doesn’t shine.


I think you forgot saddle the newly-bought company with massive debt. And charge massive “management” fees before running the business into the ground.

They are in Tucson.

Strictly average. In-and-Out easily better. And others, such as Five Guys.

Nothing lasts forever. Including Burgers.

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When i was in Phoenix they looked at me like i was crazy when asked about hot gravy coming with the chicken stripes.