The Last 4 Minutes of Each Half

During the last 4 minutes of the first half Oregon St. scored zero.

For the game’s last 4 minutes The Beavers scored 6(they hit a meaningless 3 which we did not bother to defend…the game was already over).

That is a total of 6 points allowed in 8 minutes of play. Project that out and we would be allowing only 30 for an entire game!

.75 points per minute allowed during these critical minutes.During the middle part of the game Oregon St. scored 1.62 points per minute.

We reduce points per minute scoring by 54% during the two 4 minute periods at the end of each half.

You saw it when Oregon St. tied the game at 55 then failed to score again. We go on a 12 to 3 run to win. They hit an unguarded 3 at the buzzer. Otherwise they have 3 points after the tie.

This represents both coaching and our players’s will to win. Our players go “Savage”.


Those are interesting stats. I am just curious was that the same in the other three games?

End of first half the last two games have been season lows for Syracuse and Oregon St., 20 &17.

If we could analyze prior games I suspect we would see similar stats.

Sampson is coaching this.

Elite coaches do not lose close games down the stretch.

On Monday Sampson didn’t. On Tuesday Cronin didn’t.

Bet we could go back 50 years and see elite coaches closing out halves.

Bet we see this again on Saturday.

The problem there is that all four coaches are elite.

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Is Scott Drew considered an elite coach?

He has taken a program that had only 4 previous NCAA Tournament appearances to 9 tournaments.

Five Sweet Sixteens
Three Elite Eights
and now a Final Four.
He built that from nothing.
That’s pretty elite.


Sensei Sampson will have Cougar Kai ready for battle.


We just need those oh so close shots to get in the hole when we have the other team shut down for so long.

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I checked the Rutgers game.

During the game’s final 4 minutes Rutgers scored 2 points.

UH scored 13.

We seem to win all close games this way. We kill the opponent’s offense at game’s end.

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Baylor has 3 elite shooters. Going to be tough to stop them all. Be good to stop two. DJ can take care of one but someone else is going to have to take care of the second. It is going to be a good game because I know we will play the whole 40 minutes no matter what the score.

grimes and deeky can lock down butler and mitchell but that means mayer, vital, will get more looks

This actually the problem

It’s not true. We go so hard it can’t be kept up 40 minutes. There is always a lul and our opponent goes on a 10-0 or 15-3 run. We have to not hold back on offense and get reticent or too conservative. That’s what happened against Oregon St. We just lobbed the ball back and forth and didn’t’ move around and so we didn’t’ score.

The other team plays too