The Last Dance- Jumpman Logo- UH

Watching The Last Dance makes me even more proud that our University is only a handful of schools that has been granted permission to wear the Jumpman Logo.

Michael Jordan had only one goal in everything he did and that goal was GREATNESS. That logo is more than just a generic logo, it is a symbol of GO BE GREAT TODAY so I am thrilled that our University has it on our jersey. is there any coincidence that our program is turning that corner into a perennial power again since donning the Jumpman…It is more than just a logo!

And that greatness does not have to end with success on the basketball court…why can’t the University of Houston be the best, most prestigious, most location advantageous, most popular public university in the state of Texas by a generation, or two?

After all, NIKE before it had the Jumpman logo, was a little known shoe company that mostly track shoes and for getting flashes of luck by having a few celebrities wear their shoes on TV shows.

Look at them now!


Jordan’s drive for greatness definitely hasn’t extended to being an NBA owner/executive.

But in terms of being a basketball player there will probably never be another player with his combination of talent and drive.

Also, you may be overbalancing cause vs effect. Becoming a Jordan school is a big deal and helps with recruiting and probably helps give our guys a little swagger. But we got the Jumpman logo because CKS with the support of Renu, et al started to build a great program. We didn’t become a great program because we got the logo. Georgetown has the logo but is struggling in recent history.


Easy - because the University of Texas and atm hog most of the state money! THAT - is the only reason. As long as that remains true, there are limitations to what we can do; but we do what we can!

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But…we have a secret weapon,Madam Khator! She is the great equalizer !
Go Coogs!


Can we hire her daughters on staff so they will be in place when she retires