The Matt Thomas Show

Do you guys listen to this show? I used to enjoy it but lately his partner Ross, who is a UT fan, makes it a point to bash UH just about every show. It’s overbearing. I think he does it to feel good about himself. I heard he didn’t even graduate from UT and just spent a few semesters there and then probably bought a t-shirt at Walmart. The worst thing is that Matt Thomas just kind of laughs it off. I can’t listen to that crap anymore.


You should call in and talk some trash to him. Plenty of material right now.


I haven’t listened to MT in years and Ross was doing it back then. MT doesn’t do much rebuffing or defending.

Radio shows live off controversy, everybody was lovey dovey nobody pay attention. I stop listening radio sports a longtime ago. Personally I prefer social media for info and interaction.


Matt Thomas is a great Coog but his radio show is a bit too sarcastic and schticky for me.


I think I’m going to call Ross and set him straight. Perfect time to do it.


I’ve noticed that too. Thomas rarely defends UH when that UT guy throws insult after insult towards the University of Houston.

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Tell him its in UT’s best interest to keep Sark. They need a coach with experience with 5-7 seasons.


I used to enjoy their show a whole lot when he was just the producer. In my opinion MT doesn’t need a cohost. Ross has always done that Uh schtick. Looking up his LinkedIn he didn’t graduate from ut. He went to CSB School of Broadcasting after his ut run. It’s just banter tho. They had pretty decent chemistry when he was just the producer. Mt obviously gave him a chance to move up. So there’s that.

If you want a show that is more supportive of UH, try 97.5 FM (or 92.5) in the morning. Dana’s buddy (John Granato) is always talking up the Coogs and their upcoming game.


Ross is just pulling Matt’s chain.

You should be more upset with Matt, acts like the biggest UH homer yet I get the feeling he tells all of his kids to avoid attending UH like the plague…go anywhere but the University of Houston!

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I wish Matt did more to stop it but Ross is definitely not “just yanking his chain”. Lately it seems like he is trying to make it personal, I assume because UT has sucked ass in football and basketball for the last decade and he wants to make himself feel better. Or maybe he is trying to overcompensate for something.

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Yep, Matt’s a bigger man that me I guess. I’d have tossed that lil ---- out the window. I listened to the show once several years ago and couldn’t stand that little twerp. I know Matt takes it as jest, but I don’t have to listen to it.


Call in and ask if he graduated from UT…. When he says no, ask him if he got his t-shirt from Academy or Walmart.


I remember listening to the show a few years ago and a woman caller was absolutely destroying the University of Houston—basically saying the school was garbage and how she wouldn’t dare have one of her children go there, and much more. I was screaming at my radio in my car as she went on and on… and what hacked me off more was that Thomas made no attempt to educate or enlighten her on her ignorance. He still hasn’t regained my respect.


Used to love the MT show some years back but the shticky feel and lack of really any pro UH push or even attempting to counter anti-UH claims really turned me off. He clearly tries really hard to act like he has no pro UH bias but he does so to a fault. Haven’t listened to him in years to be honest. Mosy listen to John/Lance or CP on 97.5 and gotta admit a lot of 610…


He sent one to Tech for sure.

Houston sports talk has this notion that listeners are more interested in the Broncos’ offensive line injuries than UH sports or really college sports in any capacity.

They’ll adamantly forgo talking college basketball until late February if at all.

They really do try to appeal to the LCD, without question. Just listen to some of their callers. But I stopped listening ling ago.

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Gave up on local radio in favor of XM years ago, couldn’t stand Rich Lard, Charlie Padildo and Blowpez.


Ross Villarreal also has a show on Saturday or Sunday mornings. One morning on my way to work after a huge ncaa tournament win he never said one word about it for the whole show. I called in and ripped the poor guy that answered the phone. I didn’t have time to wait to get on the air.