The Most Athletic player in College! Taze Moore Season Highlights

Making this was different, normally its “how do I make boring things look entertaining” {rebounding, defense, catch and shoot 3s} This was more “how do I not make the exciting things not overshadow the fact that he is more than a dunker”… Hope you guys enjoy 10 min of inhuman athleticism

The last of this years draft series. Hope an NBA team realizes you cant teach this kind of athleticism and gives him a shot!


That was fun!

Firmly believe that if Sampson had had him for 2 years he’d be a draft pick.


A lot of stuff I missed in there.

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Great video. Terrible music

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Once again, I’ve never seen a UH player improve their complete game as much within 1 season as Taze did. Testament to both Taze and the staff


There were times, many, where he was the best player on the court. I wish sometimes he’d been even more assertive but he played the team game and we almost made it.


Great job with the video.

Needless to say that Taze was worth the price of admission !!


I still think he gets a look somewhere.


Moore was the most exciting UH player ive ever seen. Hoping some NBA scouts find this highlight reel. Outstanding job as always Pesik!


That’s a professional basketball player, regardless of whether he gets drafted. It’s crazy to think that we would never have truly known how good he was if the other guys hadn’t gotten injured.

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He’s NBA imho. He’s got a mid range, long range, low game, defense, rebounding, dribbles.


Penetration, passing, speed

Yup most exciting player we’ve seen since Phi Slamma. That said, Taze is also a winner. He was super clutch all year. Made plays that impacted the game. I think we don’t have the same record without him. Great find by the staff, really impressive. I think we’ll see Moore playing somewhere, could be a steal for NBA franchise in my mind.
Great Vid, i love the diversity of highlights, so many blocks

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One of the things I liked about Taze was that had many ways of creating his own shot.

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He has such good court vision and is an excellent passer.