The New Big Story…The Alliance

Both the Internet and YouTube starting to produce stories about The Big10/ACC/PAC12 alliance.

When the NCAA next meets to do anything this group of 41 Universities will blunt anything The SEC attempts which seems harmful to the 41.

And,of course, this can lead to scheduling opportunities and thus better TV ratings. And thus better Media contracts.

No one yet verifies that we will see 4 conferences of 16 teams each. But this was widely predicted years ago by many media pundits.

I now believe this. No proof…but I believe.

8 slots are open. Way more than 8 teams who will want a slot. The AAC, MWC, Remnant 8, and BYU will seek those 8 slots.

And,yes, also possible to create an excellent 16 team Super Conference out of the contenders. But would such a conference achieve Super Status as to Playoffs and Media contracts?

The sure thing here is to join The PAC 12. Until today I did not think it would expand.

Today I do.

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Interesting, the power 4 language is already becoming mainstream. Big12 needs a Hail Mary to stay relevant.

That seems spot on. The P4 will exclude the Big12 remnants, and they will align with the AAC in some form. Hopefully UH will take a step forward, but it’s not going to be in the P4. If we can get playoff access, that would be an improvement too. But it’s not a certainty.


This is a power grab on autonomy legislation. Based on the current format the Alliance will control all autonomy legislation going forward. Essentially, current A5 conferences need two ways to pass autonomy legislation.

  1. Majority vote within 3 of 5 conferences + 60 % of all available votes (60% of 80 = 48 votes).

The alliance will satisfy both; (pac12, ACC, Big10) and 50 votes ( 41 members + 3 student reps from each conference). Two votes over the required minimum. They will have veto power on any legislation.

  1. Majority vote within 4 of 5 conference + majority of available votes ( 41 of 80)

My opinion is this option forces them to deal with the big12. Too much baby mama drama. Avoid the drama and go with option 1 above. Hence the Alliance.

Edit: The NCAA governance structure will change in the coming months and the current autonomy constitution will be revamped.

None of this is good for us. We’ve jacked around and lost our clout in football. And football carries the banner. I hope there’s enough time to win our way out of this.

Its hard to market your athletic program based on the population of your city alone. Especially if you’re playing at a level that makes it hard to fill your own stadium in the middle of 5 million people.


THERE IS NO ALLIANCE … its all hooey … a concept …

It is CoogBong and his witchdoctor’s chicken bones … part deux …

This bunch of baloney has been circling the wagons for two days now … and has been told and retold and all ended up as hot wind …

There are two Trop. storms brewing in near Cuba with more substance …

We are not getting into the Big12 … Minnie Mouse is not pushing the 8 dwarfs to accept us … the Pac12 has not made any attempts OFFICIALLY to consider us in spite of all the alleged rumors heard from Pez or our prez … just another CoogBong fairy tale part trios …

We are STUCK in a chumpy conf with yearly low recruiting coming our way and our joining a legit P4 seems as far away as that galaxy from StarWars …

From the article:

Scarfing up Texas and Oklahoma from the Big 12 strengthens the SEC’s position and dooms the Big 12 to second-tier status – if the league continues at all. With a scheduling alliance, the Big Ten, ACC and Pac-12 would together buy themselves equal leverage at the CFP table.

With the SEC strengthened and the other three conferences potentially aligned, would any of those leagues actually want to give two berths to the Group of Five? Or is that scenario a financial give-back to those schools in return for consolidation at the top?

Bye, bye Big 12

Of course, even the hint of an alliance is a bad sign for the Big 12. It signals that the Big Ten, ACC and Pac-12 do not believe the Big 12’s eight remaining programs – in any form – bring substantial value to their conferences. Taken a step further, it suggests a reality that could see the Big 12 or American fade away with one likely absorbing the other

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There’s a good conference to be had with those 8 and 6 of ours. But UT money makes that unattractive for them right now.

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Agree. We need to get to the new year 6 this season and build up additional NY6 equity. It’s going to be attractive especially to the BIG12 as it strives to retain its power status.

One of the reason the Big East did not retain its AQ status was because the conference lost most teams that had built up BCS top 25 equity to other conferences. W Virginia, Pittsburgh and Louisville.

Brett Mcmurphy discusses the concept here.

Robert, you have finally come over from The Dark Side😃
Welcome !

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Clearly times are changing!

Other conferences need to match the quality of SEC games.

Right now they don’t.

If the B12 Leftovers don’t get over themselves they, and us unless the P12 throws a bone our way, are doomed to obscurity.

The clock is ticking idiots (B12L’s).

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It would seem to me the SEC needs autonomy conference alliances of their own to counter the political move of the ACC, B1G, and PAC. Now clearly the SEC could get an ally in one autonomy conference (the Big 12)…they might need one other Autonomous ally and that would mean the AAC would need to reach autonomy status. If ESPN, and the SEC has the power to make that come to pass and pay those 2 conferences competitive revenue, and the SEC agrees to schedule non conference games with AAC and Big 12 schools then perhaps the SEC can get all of the votes they need. Of course I’m just spit Ballin here but it might be worth a trial balloon

It now is easy to see Division 1 Football as only 64 teams and all other schools in a different group.

All caused by $money and nothing else.

Don’t forget that many other Pro Leagues were invented to compete against The NFL. Only one succeeded…The AFL. It had its own TV $money and was in growing markets like Houston.

Cable TV has greatly declined. Now customers separately buy what they want. The mass cash cow has died.

Will future customers want more than 64 teams to watch?

I have thought about this latest developments for the last few weeks…like all of us. There are a couple of points that we might think about. The SWC implosion or discussions to implode it started way before 1996. By some true accounts (Coog51 post) it started around 1993. You can be sure it probably started even years before. More than likely when the utau pimp was trying to get the PAC to lower their academics standards for admission around 1990. Now we read that talks have been on going for a few months between the utau pimp, okie and the SEC. We could speculate it started right when the small12 did not expand. Did the rodent, utau pimp, okie and SEC signed an early agreement? I am speculating but why not? Consider that the rodent clamored for all to hear/see that they did not want to spend the money…
More small12 members meant what?
More members with the utau pimp and okie leaving meant what?
The more I think about it is that expansion invitations are already delivered. They won’t become official until the new media rights are signed and delivered. This will point to 2024 right before 2025 for a “public” invitation. Did utau and okie got wind of it/them? Again this is completely pure speculation on my part. That could explain why the utau pimp and okie decided to SEC’ED.

“That has led to the rise of the SEC, which has won 11 of the last 15 national championships.”

This is all created by ESPN and the cartels when they are allowed to make their own rules and set up this corrupt system where the haves completely eliminated the have nots from any real competition for both the prizes and the money. That’s why the last decade there are only 4-5 schools that have been competing for the national title and most of the competitions are between Alabama and Clemson. This is also the reason why college football has become so boring and predictable.




How do the voting percentages change if the Big 12 adds 6 schools. Would that ruin the B1G/PAC/ACC alliance majority?

FYI there are no National Champ. Football Titles at the DI level. End the beauty pageant and have a real playoff!!

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