The new concession vendor is terrible

I orderd chicken fingers and they were not any better then frozen ones buy in the grocery freezer section and the fries were cold. There are no bottle sodas being sold in the stadium. The food options are really limited. I didn’t think could get worse than Aramark.


Club is no better, Pezman really cooged the concessions, hard to suck worse than Aramark


Agree. The food in the club is awful as well.


I wouldn’t know. The lines are too long because most of them are closed.


souvenir cups no longer come with one free refill.


Before hiring a concession vendor Renu and Pez shoud sit down and try every food item they are going to sell at the sports venues. This company runs concessions at MLB stadiums, so I think we are getting short changed. There is no way the concessions options at the MLB stadiums are this bland.


Unbelievably slow without even long lines. Very disappointed at this point.


When the stadium is 30% full why open more than 30% of the stands?

I am really surprised that none of you have taken pictures of the lines and of the food. Pictures speaks for themselves.

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The biggest one to me is no bottled sodas. I mean that is so common at sporting events. Not everybody wants to just drink beer and have to walk down to concession to get a soda at games from foutain. The vendors just have beer and water.

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More lines open would have meant more sales. I’m not going to wait in line for 15 minutes so I just went back to my seat and did without any concessions the entire game.


I had a girl tell me the machine was broken and they only had water and lemonade. I asked her to make me a sprite from one of the other fountains. She had to check to see if she could do that. Then I got a sprite.

Also, it appears that today was food sanitation training day. I walked up to an empty counter with 8 people staring at clipboards. I asked if they were open and they just looked up and then ignored me. Finally, one person said she could take an order.

Lastly I tried to buy any kind of premium beer. They said they were out. I asked when they plan to refill the mostly empty cooler. They paused and said they never refill the coolers.

All I could do was laugh.

Tailgating close to the stadium - gone What was once the adult version of heaven with 100s of grills and smokers, live music, TVs and everything else that is fun is now a generic park with cops and security telling you where to walk.
Parking close to the stadium - gone - Now we get to overpay and walk for 30 minutes.
Concessions - We used to have buxom blonds serving Christmas Ale out of kegs for $7.00.

Does anyone at UH have any idea what they have ruined?

Go Astros!


Faster turnarounds at concessions improves the at-the-park experience as well.


I drink sodas really slowly because I think at least slowing sugars into my body is better and don’t mind if they get to ambient temperature. Less likely to spill with a cap on it!

Showed my season ticket discount card to the concession person. She said “We haven’t been taking that.” I said, “Is that why you have the discount prices posted up there.” She said, “We haven’t been taking that.” I just shook my head. They already took away the refill.


Terrible concessions is a time honored UH tradition.

The more vendors change…the more they stay the same.


Contact North Texas & see who they use. They were much better than UH


Exactly, see North Texas they know who to use.


I was surprised when they didn’t have any cold beer. I named off three or four before finally getting Bus Light since it was the only thing cold.


Concessions were beyond awful. None of the things they advertised were available. I tried getting a foot long, not available. A supreme nachos, no cheese. A refill we dont do that. I asked one vendor if they could they said no. The lines were extremely slow. Who would have thought it was better with awful Aramark. With a month to prepare. A month. Think about that.