The official Bring Deion Sanders to Houston thread

This UH job, right now, is about so much more than coaching.

We need someone to really market our program to create excitement…to create a buzz.

Tom Herman set the blueprint for the type of coach we desperately need to be successful…to elevate our program on a national scale.

Applewhite was not that type of coach. Dana is not that type of coach.

Deion IS that type of coach.

How many here knew anything about Jackson State before Deion arrived?

Give Deion P5 resources and athletes, allow him to put together a great coaching and recruiting staff, and give him the stage in the 4th biggest city in the US.

Deion is the choice.

If not, we are going to embarrass ourselves in the Big 12 next year (both on the field and with our attendance) and only prove we are not P5 worthy.

Dr. Khator, you yourself, said mediocrity will NOT be tolerated with our football program. Your vetting process should have already started.

It is time for PRIME time!


Can he coach baseball, too?


I always mix Jackson St with Jacksonville St

Deion is soup du jour. If they ever replace Holgy then it should be with a guy that has a history of building things on every stop. But, I wouldn’t poo-poo Deion if they ever made that call. He would be a lot of fun here.


What’s not soup de jour is watching us jump out to a big lead vs Texas Tech to start last season then watching us implode and then watching the same exact scenario yesterday, a year later. We still have no clue how to make adjustments.

So if my options, on the menu, are old moldy bread or soup de jour for next season…it should be an easy choice.

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This is the way.


I don’t say that to be snarky. I’m just saying if the university is going to throw 5 million a year of Tilman’s money at a young coach we need to have a body of work that includes more that one turnaround job at lower tier schools.


Only bad thing about Deion is UH would have to paid him big right off the bat instead of an up and comer assistant at a P5 school who can recruit big and coach as well.

Not necessarily…with the increased revenue in the Big 12, the majority of our coaching salary can come from that payout.

As far as the premature extension, that was an unwarranted bad business decision


It’s really all NIL now & no one will bring that better than Deion.


NO to Deion. He needs to prove he can do it at a higher level.

But there are some hustlers out there. I really liked Kansas’ coach. They run some interesting schemes.


These are not things I disagree with entirely. I’d just be concerned about his ability to replicate his success at UH. I would be excited about the recruits he might get though.

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Im interested in having Coach Prime but the real question is whether he would be interested in coming here.

It doesn’t matter anyway, because Dana isn’t getting fired anytime soon.


No. Deon is an idiot and a liar. He would fail miserably at any big program.

For some reason it gives me thoughts it might be like the Drexler hire in basketball if we hire him for football, I know he is not an alum, it just seems like it would be a “shiny” hire not sure maybe I’m wrong

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TCU interviewed, him Obviously he didn’t get the job, he would accept here I believe, unless another major is in play for him. With that said. People question if he can coach, Deion play the game professionally at the highest level, I think he knows a thing or two about schemes and how to put together a staff to get the job done. Just needs a bigger stage to show it. Hiring him would pay huge dividends for this program no question in my mind about that


Recruiting would be mad. He knows how to and love to speak with the media. He obviously knows football. But will we be the ones to think out side of the box?


No thanks

This is not as crazy as it might sound. I’d be on board with it. He’d definitely bring attention to the program and recruit the heck out of the city of Houston.


I honestly would no longer support the football program if they hired that lying over-rated and over-hyped bastard.