The "official" NCAA rankings

NET rating has replaced RPI as the starting point for the selection committee. We are in a solid position considering our schedule so far at 28.

Relevant rankings today: (out of 353 teams)
Alabama A&M 0-8 352
Rice 3-6 316
Northwestern State 2-6 351
BYU 5-4 170
UTRGV 6-4 200
Oregon 4-3 54

Lamar 4-4 223
Oklahoma State 4-3 68
LSU 6-2 53

Cincy 41
UConn 51
UCF 64
Temple 72

Hopefully someone this year cracks the code or comes close enough to publish a website like RPIForecast that shows projected ratings based on win probabilities. Until then, hard to know how much AAC having a down year will affect us.

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For those that don’t want to click the link, UH is 28th (up one spot). Texas Tech at #5 is the only Texas team above UH from what I could see.

Interesting to see Radford (WCC) at 30 with their road victories against Notre Dame and UT. They lost to Duquesne (A10) on the road and are 7-1. Duquesne is 4-2 with losses to Pitt and ND but yet sit at #79.

This could be very interesting with the new NET. Maybe UH will actually benefit in basketball from the AAC reputation with the strong teams at the top.


I meant to put our ranking at the end of the sentence, decided to put it on the list instead and then put it no where so thanks for the catch.

I think I read something that the wins and losses will be broken into quadrants like last year but didn’t see if they planned on publishing those details anytime during the season.