The one that got away

Something to think about as we play Memphis late in the year. Kid’s only going to get better.

So you aren’t happy with Kopp?


We offered. Maybe he didnt want to come here?

He hasn’t played yet so I don’t know. I’ve heard he has great potential. Meanwhile, this kid has won games and did it well.

Can never have too many capable players.

Of course. Would be interesting to know why he picked Memphis.

Must be the ribs.

Oh, man, had to be. Good stuff that is. And music, if he’s into that style.

Maybe is the penny effect?

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Lol. Dude’s everywhere.

Interesting that Memphis has 10 rostered QB and we have 3

Edit: hah look at who it has for our 3

Speaking of Logan Holgorsen, is he still on the team? I know he entered the portal last year, not sure if he actually left.

I think he ended up at HBU

Massoud was listed as “Athlete” by 24/7 so he doesn’t show up as a QB recruit.

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He was on the sidelines with a headset on against Tech.

More like the $$$$$ effect !

A long write up on him.

He is with the program… Maybe as a student assistant

10 quarterbacks on roster, yet a freshman is starting. Obviously, the other 9 must be really impressive . . . . .

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