The Possible Future of College Football Broadcasting

Years ago Google invested $900 Million in SpaceX toward the objective of launching enough Satellites to achieve worldwide, reliable Internet. We now are very close to seeing this goal achieved.

Google owns Prime Video, which now has exclusive rights to broadcast The NFL’s Thursday Night Football. And soon this broadcast will be available worldwide, courtesy of SpaceX satellites.

College Football presents an enormous opportunity for Prime Video. What if it buys broadcast rights to, say, our AAC? What if it then pays a Bonus to schools to schedule OOC games? Such as UH vs OU. UCF vs Alabama. Etc.

Future scheduling becomes a creature of the Broadcast partner. Great games on Demand…worldwide.

This possibility is the likely reason that ESPN and Fox refused to open early negotiations with The Big 12. Simply wait and see how things shake out. Laptops and Bars worldwide may have product available not tied to CableTV packages. Indeed you would not need Cable TV. Just The Internet.

Many, many possibilities. Including the Google Cloud. We could watch games whenever we would like. And again and again.

No, Amazon owns Prime Video and Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon) owns Blue Origin which is a competitor of SpaceX. SpaceX was founded by Elon Musk (who founded PayPal) and which is in the process of getting Star Link space based internet service up and running.

Tesla* PayPal*

thank you. made the correction

Amazon does own Prime.

Discussed this topic yesterday where all manly topics get discussed…at my Barber Shop.

100% agreement that Satellite TV to our Laptops will be the future of Sports Broadcasting. No CableTV.

Men in Barber Shops cannot be wrong!

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Not having to pay for crap you don’t watch is more in line with a free market, so I will gladly welcome this model. Can’t believe ESPN was pulling in $6 a month from 80 out of every 100 people that never watched it. What a rigged system…

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