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Interesting report from the SMU TOS. Didn’t mention CSU and said not all schools may present. Said only known presenters were UH & Air Force today, and UCONN tomorrow.

Phi Beta Kappa

Ralph Russo of the AP reported that Big 12 asking specifically about state of all sports programs and details of local airports.

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Also, the SMU guy that released the list of teams responded back to me saying that CSU could not be confirmed, only the other 10.

I haven’t seen the airport issue mentioned much, but it should make Houston very attractive. We are an extremely easy destination to travel to. I mean, Hobby Airport is fifteen minutes down the road.

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When the wind blows in from the Gulf, UH is under the glide path for planes landing at Hobby.

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This is such ship. We shouldn’t haveto present anything. I want so badly to tell them to shove their membership up their arse.


How could they possibly not know about our airport system? Either this is all a bunch of bs or the b12 is the conference equivalent of my grandmother when it comes to using google search.

I knew we should’ve built a #swagcopter landing pad on top of the garage.

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No need Trent, already got one down in Kemah…

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The #swagyacht is way better than the #swagcopter, In fact 40 million dollars better.

I’m guessing that was more of a general question they were asking all programs. Not just UH.

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