The real truth fikken to come out

THE FACIST MEDIA WON’T even report it.
Print it.

Two years later.
How many Pulitzer for the fascist media?
Will these Pulitzer be taken way?
Will these so called journalists bring back their Pulitzer prize?

Are any of these outlets Facist Media?

Did someone win one related to the Biden Laptop story? Which Journalist’s Pulitzer do you think should be returned and what year and category?

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Self-owns truly are the best owns.


Just to be clear, the contention is not the NY Post article which was widely available, but the fact that it wasn’t linked on Twitter. But you could still hear about the NY Post article on their website or Fox News and other outlets.

Twitter decided (maybe incorrectly) to not link out an article widely available to the public? This is a scandal how? It was already out in the public domain.

I just don’t get what the fuss is about as anyone could just go and read the NY Post article. This is truly a nothingburger.

And FWIW, Joe Biden was a private citizen, so I don’t see how he was using any government leverage on Twitter.


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Peoples lack of understanding of what the FIRST AMENDMENT is, is truly disappointing. Of course millions of morons give money to trump and listen to Clay Travis.


The NY Post article was widely available. The only place it didn’t appear was as a link on Twitter. Twitter could’ve done the same to a NY Times article. So what? What a whole bunch of nothing except for documenting a food fight among Twitter execs.


Because… deep state. The Clintons were still running the government.


Are you intentionally being this stupid? Do you love getting owned so much that you want to do it to yourself?


I want to know what is, exactly, the “fascist media”?

And then I want to know what is, exactly, the “facist media”?

Sounds to me like some made up TDS BS.

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I’m no fan of this guy, but even he sees the obvious.

There is no doubt in my mind that Hunter benefited from a pay for access to his father scheme and his father knew exactly what Hunter was doing.

There is no doubt that the media looked the other way.

At some point the media has to look at itself in the mirror and decide are they the fourth estate or are they propagandists.

Again. This story had full run on Fox News and Fox-adjacent media. Again. Twitter is not a government entity.

We will have to see what charges, if any, are brought against Hunter’s Laptop, or even Hunter himself. The tax evasion charge is probably a slam dunk. Evidence that Joe had his hand in anyone’s pie won’t be found.

Somehow Twitter managed to suppress every news outlet and social media platform in the world over this one story about a lonely laptop.


Either way I’m tell you what… That guy Hunter Biden has lost my vote. I mean in the event he ever does stop being a private citizen, BUT when he does run for elected office I’m going to vote 3rd party so hard


“Fox adjacent” as you refer to are pretty much limited to OAN and low audience websites and podcasts that don’t reach the millions of American voters. However, the big networks such ABC, NBC, CBS (and other free services like NPR) all ran with the same narrative as Facebook and Twitter to suppress this story.

No apples to apples comparison can be made when you view from this lens.

That’s a different statement than the wild claims mostly in right wing media that Twitter somehow censored a news story.