The Root of our Lack of Seniors Problem

3 years ago, 2016-2017, our roster had 6 JC transfers and only 2 Freshmen…Armoni Brooks and Mateen Hirbod.

All the JC’s and both of those Freshmen are gone.

Our only Senior, Chris Harris, also transferred.He was not a Freshman at UH.

Skip ahead to our Freshman class of 2017-2018: Mike Adewunmi,Cedric Alley, Caleb Broodo,and Fabian White. 3 out of 4 still on the roster.

The culprit? Rebuilding the roster to a competitive status. Overcoming previous years of lack of success. Thus JC transfers.

Our current Freshmen, Sophomores, and incoming Freshmen are awesome! No JC’s among them.

I am firmly on the side of those who say to be thankful for whatever we achieve this Season…Then enjoy next Season!

UH has a possible Conference Champ this Season but a possible Final Four Team next Season!


Just think where we would be sitting if Armoni had stayed. But, I am really happy with the team we have, and have thoroughly enjoyed our season thus far. I expect to win the AAC now, but you never know what will happen.

Regardless, all I can ask is to see quality basketball and playing our best and that is what we have been getting. Winning the AAC would be extra and going deep in the NCAA would be the icing on the cake.


Yes, great points by both of you.

A challenge that I am having is our game closing ability. Losing these close games, and having opportunities to win them in the last seconds of the game.

Bright side, Mills and sasser are playing their butts off despite missing several game winning opportunities. They will continue to develop and become great players for us.

Who knew we’d be getting some much productivity from those two?

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Coach Sampson