The Story of How Houston Became a Jordan Brand Program

Shelby C. on the ESPN plus telecast today said Kelvin Sampson was one of MJ first ever recruit phone calls when he was an assistant at Michigan State, but MJ wanted to go to UNC.

Kelvin built a relationship with MJ and Kelvin is the reason MJ choose Houston as a Jordan Brand school.

Super cool story.


Now get the Jumpman logo on our Football Jersey!


Was just about to say this, can Kelvin call in a favor for Football?

Hmmm. I always heard that Chris Paul helped us get the Jordan brand when he was a rocket. Not saying it’s true but what I always though. Your story makes more sense.

Could be both, right?

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The only reason? For being a Jordan Brand, we sure have some of the plainest uniforms.

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Start selling more UH jumpman apparels would be a good start too.


I have 5 Jumpman shirts. There are many out there.


I have few jumpman t-shirts as well. I also have 2 same UH jumpman polos (black and red) from the beginning so more polos and quarter zip jacket/pullover would be nice.

UCLA for example.,Nike?page=1

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MJ loves Hakeem too,

But Drexler, not so much. At least back in the old days.

The polos are always hard to get but luckily I got a red and black one also.

Speaking of branding… Is UW a Jordan brand school @uhlaw97 ?

If UW is such a stronger brand why aren’t they jumpman?

because of the MARKET, man! They’re a brand, but also a market, which is relevant to cable, but not streaming, but when you factor in AAU, and the fact that, as gorgeous as Seattle may be, the mexican food sucks, it would make no sense, in my estimation, for them to get part of the PUF. Or Jumpman.


Answer: because they are apparently ADIDAS!!!

Jumpman > Adidas… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Jordan Brand uniforms tend to keep it simple. Michigan, OU, UCLA…the most interesting thing about 'em is the logo on the chest. His Airness seems to be a fan of the “classic” look. Even Florida and UNC aren’t really any spicier than when they signed with Jordan.

Unless something changes, no conference has more than one Jordan brand school.

When Oklahoma moves to the SEC, the SEC will have two, OU and Florida. Will one school lose there association? If so, I would bet on Oklahoma. We are the AAC school. Now, when we go to the Big XII, will we get football too?

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That story kinda wasn’t all the way factual…

Chris Paul had a lot to do with our Jordan deal (who was a rocket at the time)


As well as our history while MJ was playing in college.