The truth leaks out

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They have low confidence in it but still big news.

That said, so much for all the conspiracies that it was purposely withheld.

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The Energy Department is always my go to source on biology related things.


FBI says so too

Do you really think the CDC would rat on themselves

The deep state isn’t so deep after all?

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I’ll give more credence to what information the FBI may possess on the matter , but the other
4 agencies don’t have that conclusion. So if you’re hanging your hat on 2-4 count, go for it.

Oh and now the Chinese have created a new bird flu variant that killed a child in Cambodia.
No way the bird flu sweeping the worlds poultry farms could be natural.

Post that study please.


I’d like to see it as well to see the context. The poster mentioning it has misunderstood what he saw before.


Ooops. :man_running::man_running::man_running:

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Run Jess Run! :rofl:


Haha. Ohhh I’m not the one running. The poster when asked to show proof is. He outta here. :rofl:

Edit: ok gonna watch UC vs Memphis.


Now we’re talking! :smiley_cat:

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Stop lying

not sure where i heard it been in and out of following snow, playing in the snow in tahoe for the past week; but you guys can trust me.

sorry, i dont lie; i may have missed context; but go on thinking that, no sweat off my back

Stop spreading info you can’t back up

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No, I don’t trust a random claim about a study.


Like the info you posted on the border topic? You heard it wrong and we had to look up the actual facts.
Why don’t you take the time to verify the info you want to post on here

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It was purposely withheld by the Trump administration. Now the Biden administration is releasing the truth and fighting the deep state that defeated Trump. /s