The WAC is Back

They should add Houston Baptist who has already shown that they can play with the big boys by how they played Texas Tech in Lubbock. Much higher opponent than any of those other four teams.

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Lol. Since 2014, when HBU joined the Southland, Sam Houston State has four playoff appearances and has won nine playoff games. In the same timeframe, HBU has six conference wins. They’re 6-44 all time in conference play. Their stadium only has one side. They were absolutely not prepared to invest in football, and should not have been invited to the Southland.

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The WAC probably will be a better basketball conference.

It’ll undoubtedly be a worse baseball conference.

Football…hard to say.

But it covers more geographic area and creates more NATIONAL exposure as opposed to the Southland, whose largely regional exposure is more limited.

The big thing for Lamar is the loss of nearby McNeese as a conference arch-rival.

That’ll now become an opening week intersectional game, I assume.

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I am not comparing HBU to SFA or to Sam Houston but against Lamar.

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HBU football is MANY levels of suck worse than Lamar.

Lamar was recently in the I-FCS playoffs. HBU football, by comparison, is a joke.

Ok, since 2014 Lamar has 21 conference wins. That’s three and a half times HBU’s number. They’re 4-2 against the Huskies head-to-head. Their stadium is over triple the size of HBU’s, and even has two sides! And that’s before we even get into Basketball or Baseball.

HBU is an absolute dreg, and the fact that a bad Tech team overlooked them once in a weird year doesn’t change that.

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In 2018, Lamar made the I-FCS playoffs and only lost by a field goal.

It’ll be a miracle if HBU EVER makes the I-FCS playoffs.

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“Ever” is a big word; once the other Texas schools and UCA depart, I could definitely see HBU catching McNeese on a down year and winning The Ghost of the Southland Conference.

For context, UTEP, almost inarguably the worst program in FBS, has won exactly one conference game since 2017. They still have more in-conference wins since 2014 than HBU does.

I’m hearing some persistent rumors out there that the WAC, if it brings back football, might do so at the FBS level – that would make this a slam dunk for the Southland schools.

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Future Medical Personnel in Houston!

Not really - another league full of Texas States - destinations bowl Frisco, etc lol

I mean, compared to the Southland, which was an FCS conference with some of the worst basketball in the country, the WAC is a sizeable improvement, even if their bowls and TV deal are bad.

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Haha, Mine too

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