The Winningest Player in Houston History! Fabian White Senior HIghlights

Full Senior Season highlights/Draft Reel for a Houston Legend

I think he can find a place for himself in the league with the right opportunity!!!


Awesome that he went to local atascocita hs (sp) then UH and excelled.


Fabian with the retweet :eyes:


Taze and Shead videos gonna be good

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the one for taze is probably the most entertaining one ive ever made for basketball


So, what’s the new record in terms of games won?

That was awesome!

I agree… 3 and D and hustle.

Awesome video.

What does the 840 mean in the lower right corner?

Just some jersey numbers of nba players i liked.

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Good stuff, White has been great for this program. Multiple NCAA tourneys, conference championships, Sweet 16s, Elite 8s, and a final four. Winningest player in UH history.

Houston needs to retire his jersey. First Jersey to go up in the Sampson era.

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Hmmm, im torn on Fabian. I love the guy, but looking at his career:

Freshman year - role player

Sophomore yr - role player

Junior yr - no AAC honors

Covid yr - amazing comeback from injury, but role player

Senior yr - 1st team AAC. But not an All American

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We covered this already… :grin:

We need to have recognized numbers that hang in the rafters AND retired numbers for the truly GREAT players.

Fabian should have his number recognized imo.


Without White the 2021 team doesn’t make the Final Four… He made some clutch buckets in that tourney.

And without him this year we probably don’t make the tourney…

I understand…thats just the perspective if you looked at Fabians career 10 years from now.

Galen Robinson Jr, finished high in alot of Coog record books. We didnt retire his number

If Quentin Grimes becomes a star, in the NBA, i could see in 5-10 years retiring his number.

1st round pick, All American, Final Four team.

Im fine with retiring Fabians number.


But you could say without Shead we don’t make the tourney…or Taze, or Edwards or our center.
This was a team effort. After Fabian hurt his back he wasn’t the same in the playoffs.


We’ll be talking about retiring Shead’s number one say, too…

I expected more from Fabs in the tourney but you’re probably right about his back.

My feelings as well, a very good player, but not one whose jersey should be retired.

Chris Webber and Gilbert Arenas?

young kobe (8) bosh with the raptors (4), agent zero/gilbert arenas (0)

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