Yes you read that right. They the leading women tennis association is standing up to the Chinese dictatorship. A retired Chinese tennis player was allegedly raped by a high on the ladder party leader. She has gone missing after going public. The chinese dictatorship produced a video of her trying to appease the West. Her friends still can’t reach her.
Huge support to the WTA. Next tournament in my area I will buy tickets.


Maybe we can convince the WTA to take a stand against a bunch of treasonous right wingers who tried to overthrow our government. Wouldn’t that be nice?


What does it have anything to do with this thread?
I applaud what the WTA is doing. One of their members is missing. This is what loyalty and freedom means.
Regarding your political comment feel free to open up another thread but don’t come in into this one to “pollute” it.

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First base.