Theranos CEO Liz Holmes gets

11+ years.

Fines to follow


Already on the Politics Board

I don’t go there


And this board has been so much more pleasant and readable since politics got its own forum.


I love a husky voice woman be her voice is positively Iron Sheik like. Creepy.

Your smart

For stealing hundreds of millions of dollars… Seems like a light sentence to me…

They better make her ass do all 11…

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Under federal sentencing guidelines she’ll do at least 80% of it unless it gets reduced on appeal.

She’ll be out of there in 8

When a rep from walgreens told her that her faulty tests would lead to someones death she allegedly said they don’t send pretty women to prison…if true that did not age well.


I didn’t realize she grew up in River Oaks

Did she?

I know she graduated from St. John’s while her dad was at Enron or something, but had no idea she lives in RO.

Wonder what her parents did to be able to live in RO

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Just what I heard on the radio.

Her father was a VP with Enron. Looks like the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.


Ehh VP don’t mean nothing anymore

Plenty of companies give out VP titles to their employees.

If he was C-suite or something i could understand.

It depends on the company. I think VP was one level below c suite at Enron. The whistleblower was a VP and she had access to the ceo.

I’m trying to remember from the book I read on it but, I think most of her life was in the DC area

Oh. That explains her entitlement.

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