There will be lies

And this proves?

Seems this shows, he didn’t meet and certainly didn’t talk business.

I mean, if this is some sort of evidence then you must think Trump is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Am I right?

What is it like to be spoon fed lies, from the media that had to pay out for telling you those lies? Yet, you won’t believe they lied to you. That makes you a sucker and a mark.

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This is grasping at straws trying to find something.


You lie on this board every day.

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jfournet —> firstandten —> pepperseed like moth ?

No discussion, no comments, no defense of the posting, … just post things , anything ,
and act like it’s some big deal smoking gun ? ? ?

Meanwhile, ignore indictments and evidence of the thing that is way bigger than Watergate.

Hey Brent, watch out for the flame !

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He’s a troll. End of story. I’m guessing the only reason mods allow his act to continue is he drives traffic. Well, also and one of the mods is literally a transphobic MAGA supporter.