They Know

They know (as in the city of Houston knows). So I’m walking through Bush airport yesterday and as I go through security the guy checking my ticket/ID looks up at me and says “what are y’all gonna do about that coach of yours?”. It took me a minute to realize I had my UH polo on and he was talking about UH. After a short conversation I start to walk off and he says, “yeah that Pezman, he’s a problem too”. Point being, you can’t fool people - at least people willing to see the truth. The sooner we move on from CDH the better. Pez better get it together or he needs the axe too.


The City of Houston are just Dana Haters.


What this shows people are keeping up with UH and want a reason to support it. With CDH the boat has sailed. He burned any goodwill people had for him wish him all the best in his post UH career, but it’s just business. He needs to go.