Things have taken a turn for the surreal

Has this ever happened before - Penn State ranked in Basketball?!


Last time was '96!

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Saving Private Ryan reference…I like it :ok_hand:

One of my favorite movies of all time. BUT I thought that line and Tom Sizemore’s response was the least authentic part of the movie. A sergeant and a captain would not have had a philosophical discussion in France at that point.

Otherwise the movie was brilliant.

It is one of my favorite movies too. I saw it with my father and it has a special place in my memories.

Why wouldn’t they have that discussion?

Seen it with bunch of Vets, the Normandy landing scene was so intense. The WW2 vets reaction was heart wrenching. May God bless them all, so sad to see The Greatest Generation leave us


I have a book that goes into great detail about the 1 ID invasion of Omaha beach. It’s a miracle anyone made it off that beach on June 6, 1944.

Just a terrific movie for sure. I’d be hard pressed to tell you how many times I’ve re-watched it. In the theater my wife started sobbing during the beaching scenes and I don’t think she stopped until we got home. She said she kept thinking of the mothers of those boys (we have two). She still won’t watch it with me.

My father was a tough hard man. He was sobbing through out. I had never seen my father sob like that. Band of Brothers is another well done series.

I went with my kids to Omaha and Juno beaches 4 years ago. It was a beautiful serene day and we thought about the horrors they faced that day. Went to the cemetery and we paid our respects. It is a day my boys and I will never forget.