Think Senator Whitmire is a genuine Coog?

Whitmire was a jackhole.

Not only did he take an anti-UH position and throw our beloved President under the bus, but, even worse, he tried to justify his position using stupid, ignorant, and bogus gay and a Hispanic stereotypes.

He claimed UH “will never be a destination school.”

He’s NOT our friend.

Screw him!


I think that freshman being required to live on campus is dumb and a big money grab for the university and a huge gain for student loan companies.

My daughter lived on campus at a state school last year and I genuinely thought that it was a good deal with the costs at first.

She cut her living expenses in half moving 1 mile off campus in a furnished 4 bedroom apartment built for college students and buying her own food.

Cut. In. Half. An almost 6k dollar difference. And don’t tell me it is to build a better student. No one became a better student because they lived in a 15 by 15 foot room with another human.


The freshmen live on campus mandate was dumb. An unnecessary expense when college is already too expensive.


I don’t drink alcohol … never have and never will … and it has been many moons since I have visited DKR … my favorite place is the mountain …

Oh and UT is where I began my college experience but I finished at UH like many that I know … however I grew up a TCU fan because of my dad who grew up in Ft. Worth … I have also received my MBA from HBU back in the early '80s working full time for Gulf Oil …

However my allegiance will forever be with the U of H … and my colors are the scarlet and white … NOT burnt orange or purple or whatever the colors of HBU are …

Oh and I am not that familiar with John Whitmire … he is not in my district … nor with the freshman on campus issue … but I see he has raised a hornet’s nest … but I usually stay away from hornet’s nest …

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I’m with 29 on this one.

His support has ebbed and flowed. Compared to the other Senators from other schools I feel that he’s not a diehard fan. You think you’ll see a senator from A&M sporting a UT shirt? Or a Tech Senator sporting UH gear? No.

I’m also still sour about how he treated Dr K about wanting to make UH more residential. He came off as a d*ck.

I appreciate that he has vouched for us in the past but I hope younger, more Coog-centric senators can emerge to further our cause.

Unfortunately, he’s all we got at the moment.


UH is already one of the more expensive schools to attend. Adding an overpriced dorm and meal plan requirement is an obvious money grab disguised as helping the student.

Anecdotes abound but mine is that I graduated in 4 years and lived at home.


There were numerous ways to get exempted from the policy. It didn’t have the “bite” people thought it did.

The policy had more to do with optics which is exactly what we needed to shed off the “commuter school” label.


Sen Whitmire has supported UH on many of our priorities over the years. He is a friend. John is a unique character that fits no typical political mode. Attends many of our Football & Basketball games.


Whitmire has constituents and friends who went to UT and a lot of other schools. I wouldn’t read a whole bunch into it, so keep it to 500 posts or so, okay?


Dave…certainly not making fun of you. I also enjoy going to great stadiums…
I was poking fun at Teasips, not you !!!:smiley:

(Which is MY hobby…)

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Who cares about the commuter school label? I graduated from UH when it was a a so called commuter school. I turned out ok. Wasn’t bothered by it in the least bit. It’s only a negative if you’ve been brainwashed into thinking that.

All you dotes are insulting us that graduated from UH when you say that UH wasn’t a good school back in the day because we didn’t live in dorms. You want to live in dorms or want a more traditional experience, go to that type school. Don’t turn UH into another UT or ATM. When people champion that it only makes it sound like UH is inferior when in reality it’s a superior experience because it’s non traditional. Keep UH weird!


I’ll be in burnt orange (ew) this weekend as I am headed to the UT Arky game with my FIL (Big UT booster). This doesn’t make me a traitor.


Stop by my house and pick up a Hog shirt and piss off that FIL! WPS!!

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Perception matters. For the record, I had a fantastic education at UH (while working) and would be proud if my son or daughter attended.

Many of us have children who chose to go to other schools. Which is fine.

I would guess that some of them simply wanted to leave Houston, or get away from home, BUT I venture to guess that some also didn’t want to go to UH because they didn’t want to be associated with a commuter school. Be honest.

Meanwhile, UT and Aggie folks have generations of graduates that take pride in going to their parent’s school. This reenforces pride and engagement.

Anything we can do to make UH more attractive is a win.


One of my best friends in HS went to Texas A&M. He had season tickets one year and invited me to a game. I wore a neutral gray shirt to the game but I’ve seen MANY fans at UH games wear LSU, TAMU, UT, etc. gear in our stadium.

I’ve even seen Renu tell a UT shirt wearing fan to put on a UH shirt while attending our games.

Senator Whitmire should know this about being a Coog. Especially one that supports us. I’ve just never seen Rick Perry wear UT gear to “cater to the voters” and he was the Governor OF Texas!

But honestly Whitmire represents the old guard… the good ole’ boy mentality that UH is for undesirables (minority and city kids who weren’t privileged enough to go to UT/ TAMU). He wants us to “stay in our lane” and may grandstand for us every now and then but honestly, when real change is about to happen, he will go on another rant like he did with Dr. Khator who IS proactive in changing our culture.

That private conversation just happened to leak to the public. There has to be more "control talk " examples we will never know about.

Lucky for us, he is an old gezer and will retire sooner than later.

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I think I’ve seen Greg Abbott in every school’s gear throwing up their hand sign. They play politics, not sports. Whitmire is the most powerful we have in the state legislature. But yeah whine about a picture.

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UCF and Cincy are called commuter schools and they’re still going to The Big 12, growing and doing fine

UTAH, A STATE FLAGSHIP AND PAC 12 SCHOOL is called a commuter school. Y’all are taking this commuter school label way too seriously. It will change over time but theres still gonna be a commuter population no matter what due to being in a major city

PITTSBURGH, a longtime Big East and now ACC school is still called a commuter school sometimes.

Also realize it is possible he has kids or grandkids who are attending or attended UT.

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Where did you see this pic?

I had 2 kids attend TAMU and I went to some games there and I NEVER even considered wearing TAMU gear. He earned both of his degrees from UH. I did not wear UH gear either because they weren’t playing (I hate to see third party gear at our games). But then again I’m not a lying panhandling politician.