Think that Tech HC Beard Heard Whispers

I was surprised about Beard giving up a great job at Tech to go to UT.
Yes I know he was from their, he got a huge raise, and they are going to have that palace to play in and recruit players.

But he was loved at Tech, lost in overtime in the NCAA Championship game a few years back, and had a great BB culture at Tech.

Something just seemed strange of his abandoning Tech.
Now if one of his UT friends whispered to him about ongoing secret meetings between UT/OU and the SEC. Well if he had any desire to stay at Tech, such info would have sealed his decision.

If Kansas leaves, OU and UT gone, and the NIL, recruiting becomes more difficult. Then there is the question of how long before a new Super Four Athletic Conference made up of 64 teams is created and those teams no longer answers OR belongs to the NCAA.

Maybe. But the simpler explanation is that he gets paid more at UT, doesn’t have to put in as much work recruiting at UT, and doesn’t have to live in Lubbock at UT.


I think he was going to UT regardless.


Texas is a better school, higher ceiling and in a way more attractive place to live.

And they are paying him a lot more.

No brainer


You got it right except for pay. Basically same as at TTU for Beard.

Also a new state of an art 10,000 seat arena. Saw the construction over the weekend.

Only 10,000 seats?

I doubt they would have told Beard at all, especially before he was hired. By all indications, they were trying real hard to keep this under wraps. Loose lips sink ships.

That’s all they need - hoops in Texas is more casual fan now.

So do torpedoes, bombs, anti-ship missiles, and exploding shells fired from guns on other ships. If you want any more Navy info, let me know. :wink:

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Plus he graduated from UT.

No. I don’t think he knew. But what do I know? He could be the shot caller behind the whole thing.


Del Conte: “it’s 3 am”

Beard: “this is Lubbock…activate SEC”

Del Conte: “you want me to go arrest a bunch of currency traders?”

Beard: “not that SEC you stupid _____!”