Think we jump gonzaga?

They lost to #11 Texas but beat #4 Kentucky since last weeks rankings.

We had 2 solid wins, one by a bunch to a cupcake, and beat the spread on the road against a march tournament team.

Seems obvious that we should jump them, but im curious to hear what yall think

They beat Kentucky not Kansas but yeah I think we jump them.

Fixed, thx

How could they beat Kansas?

After losing to Texas we had multiple posters saying they sucked.

Some of y’all don’t know sh:t about basketball.

And we pass Gonzaga.


I say yes.

You should be slightly punished for a 20 pt road loss.

Wouldn’t drop them that much. They’re a good team.

I was highly critical of them. But they still have All American Drew Timme, whos fantastic

The pieces around Timme, im more critical of. But its early!

Rasir Bolton, stepped up big tonight

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They got embarrassed in Austin.

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Early road losses to ranked teams don’t hurt as much as road wins help.

Kentuckys matchup with Tshiebwe on Timme. Just didn’t work.

Its all about matchups. Teams like Houston, Arkansas, Texas that are gonna ball pleasure Gonzagas guards and have a legit game plan for Drew Timme, Gonzaga doesn’t wanna see

But credit to Gonzaga they brought alot of energy tonight

I expect this week’s poll to be:

  1. UNC
  2. UH
  3. Kansas
  4. Arkansas
  5. Gonzaga

Maybe flip 4 and 5.

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What about UT. They get ranked on name only, when they beat a highly ranked team, they will get even more love from the polls.

Arkansas can make the top 5 if they have a solid showing in Maui

#4 will almost certainly go to Texas after the Baylor loss

Could make a case for #1 but really doesn’t matter at this point.

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Get ready for the “For the first time since the 1983-1984 season, the Houston Cougars are…”

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my guess

Timme. Pfft. Feasting on weak conference. Texas showed otherwise.

Houston will be #2 and continue to increase tally of 1st place votes. UNC will hang on to #1 but it will be closer.

No doubt we jump Gonzaga. Their big win, Kentucky, lost two games this week, granted to good teams.

Saw somewhere that Texas was ranked #1 after the Gonzaga beat down . . . . . don’t see it but they do get a lot of votes based on being Texas . . . . .

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