ThinkTank: Stadium Expansion

Many of us here are season ticket holders, so what are some ideas to spread our fan base?

What ideas does everyone have? Did you come up with a challenge please think about a solution also.

Here’s my idea invite people to our tailgates

Have each high school coach nominate a player of the game for the past week

That player, plus one parent, get a free ticket to the next game

Let the coaches come each week

Give them all sideline tour and pre-game overview


Keep building the game day experience for the students. That investment has started to pay off already. We need to keep building the base, a base that will be there even in the lean years.


Not 100% sure the NCAA would be cool with most of that.

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This is the only real solution. UH lost about 20 years of alumni because of honestly not giving a damn. We can only do what we can to make current students proud and look back at their UH experience as a positive one. We can hope that some of those ‘lost’ alums come back, but the focus should be the students and recent alums.


We took my son and his two main game watching compadres to lunch after the game. On the way they were chewing up social media and watching highlights over and over. My son remarked that when he decided to go to UH he thought he might be compromising his college football experience. Then he just laughed out loud.

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Gameday experience needs to be fun. Promote tailgating. It makes great memories, win or lose. Have best tailgate awards (1st, 2nd, 3rd) and winners get free tickets or an upgrade, swag, etc… Get the student organizations involved in some type of game hype events. Maybe reward student organizations for showing the most school spirit. Make it competitive to encourage school pride.

EDIT: And fix the dang voucher system. So many upset students felt it was mishandled. Let’s not let them leave UH with a bad taste in their mouth.


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