This about sums up Baylor

Baylor kicker misses his second FG of the night against Rice. He’s walking along sideline behind his own players. Another Baylor player smarts off to the kicker, obviously says something derogatory, and the kicker goes ballistic and starts shoving his own teammate on the sideline during the game. The player who smarted off just smirks the whole time before the kicker is pulled away from him.

What a character-less program. This would never happen under a coach like Herman (or if it did the players wouldn’t be in the program). Why Baylor is even allowed to play football now is beyond me.

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Literally the second biggest reason I’d like to see us in the big 12 is so we could kick the shit out of Baylor every year.

Easy on the language.

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LOL … not for the satire for the Baylor scandals …


There are only 48 members left in the MOB … and I suspect most of those are dummies/phonies carrying non functional instruments but couldn’t play a tune on a wet papered comb.

Good ol band smack. Hide yo children.

That “other player” is Jordan Tolbert, who was once committed to Levine/UH.

This is why I’m happy with the TALENTED players coach Herman & UH get to commit and eventually sign with UH. Is all about wanting to be coach, chemistry, and great team player.

This doesn’t happen in the brotherhood that is UH football. Our guys encourage each other, not disparage.

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