This day will live in infamy

The cover and full front page story of today’s Chronicle was about CDH while on the college sports page the UH win over WSU was top of the page story covering the width of the page. TT beating ut in Austin rated 5 paragraphs and the atm win over 'bammy rated 2 paragraphs, both in AREA SPORTS column. **Lawdy Lucille bring me mah smellin’ salts, ah’m havin’ the vapors. SUMBODY MUSTA DIED**.


Nice… full page story on CDH on p.C3


This is very very surprising. Lets see if it continues.

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Hopefully the beginning of the Takeover, kinda sad to say about our city newspaper

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We know that answer.

Somebody’s going to get fired!


Chronicle needs a makeover. The Galveston Daily News looks more professional. The folks in Dallas would be laughing if anyone cared about newspapers anymore.

You youngin’s, the Chronicle use to have competition and looked the part. This is what happens. Chronicles best look was way back in the 80’s & 90’s when they delivered the SUNRISE & EVENING EDITIONS.

Good article BTW.


I miss the Houston Post.


I know what you are quoting, but infamy is a pejorative? Bad for the tea sips and ags?

in·fa·my /ˈinfəmē/

  1. the state of being well known for some bad quality or deed.

“a day that will live in infamy”


But I do tire of the P5/G5 labeling. How are we not more poised for success than, say, Wake Forest or Oregon State? They get to compete for the national championship? Yeah, right! Wake me up when they or about 30+ other “P5” programs make a NY6 bowl.


yeah, I feel ya on that. Same as Duke, Syracuse, Baylor, Iowa State, Vanderbuilt, Northwestern, Kansas and K state, Texas Tech, Ole Miss, Miss State, and on, and on. P5 bottom feeders get rewarded for doing nothing, but they will never compete for Championships. Baylor will not have the Briles success in a while…

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Portland Coog. Jeesh, it’s a freaking attention grabber…good grief.

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Infamy within the halls of the chronicle

Yipes … looking at the title … I thought someone had re-sunk the USS Arizona …

or …

the horns were making out in the back seat with the aggie corps sheep …

Nope it was just the town rag giving us front page coverage … going back to sleep … as the NYC irish cop likes to state … mov 'long nothing to see folks …

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Meant it mostly tongue and cheek. good grief.

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I want to use that pejorative word, sometime. It’s not nasty or has anything to do with sex, does it?

The Baylor guys must have taken the weekend off and the UT guys weren’t given the memo they didn’t have to pretend to support UH anymore

Yep. Newspapers have become obsolete with the internet.

If you read it carefully, it refers to UH as a school with a “Group of Five affiliation”. I find that to be quite odd. When did “Group of Five” become an official organization, such that its name should be capitalized and someone could choose to become affiliated with it? - Of course, it would be too wordy to more accurately described UH as a school which is not a participant in a combination or conspiracy to fix prices and restrain trade, which is what the power 5 actually is.


Got to love that a lot of us still aren’t happy when you get the entire front page of the Sunday sports section in the Chronicle.