This is JUST like when OU/UT left the Big 12

Many were adamant that AAC has going to raid the Big 12…look what happened. PAC is STILL more powerful and stable than Big 12 without USC/UCLA - they have Oregon, Washington, Stanford, Arizona, etc…

My guess is PAC counters by trying to come into Texas market - UH, TT, OSU, KU, possibly TCU or Baylor as well to try to saturate Texas and salvage their tv contract.

Big 12 back fills with SMU, Memphis, USF, Colorado State, Boise State, etc…still a better conference than current AAC…but real possibility we end up in a diluted Big 12 here.


nothing your saying is making any sense. The PAC wasn’t better before, and its not better now.


Exactly…same vibes as last summer

USC and UCLA have how many ncaa Championships?
They are in a 100% different stratosphere than blink blink located in Austin an OU.
OU only comes close. The other corrupt institution is a mirage.

UH will get into the PAC if they expand. Jon Wilner made that clear. So for once Im not sweating this alignment.

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…for now. We’ll see what they have when the dust settles, but I’d take an even-money bet that at least two of those schools are gone when the dust settles.

I don’t entirely trust Wilner.


Can Cal play in Texas?

And the last time either of those teams were in a CFP?

Baylor radio (365 sports) on right now. They are adamant the Big 12 is in position to raid the PAC…like I said we are seeing a redo of last summer. Hope we make the cut if the PAC 12 expands…

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I think we’re in a way better position this time than last. Would love Utah, Colorado and Arizona schools.



Actually, the PAC-12 proved to be LESS stable because they lost USC and UCLA.

Not even sure they’ll hold at this point.

The PAC may try to add Big 12 schools but really…would joining a PAC-12 without USC and UCLA really be an upgrade? I don’t see it.

It’d be a step down in competition for longer road trips.


Hmmm…possibly BIG just takes ALL the remaining biggest brands/cities on West Coast to grow a second arm?..Oregon, Washington, Stanford, Arizona - taking SF, Phoenix, Seattle areas. Remaining 6 join Big 12 (WSU, OSU, Utah, Colorado, Cal, ASU) to send new Big 12 to 18 schools. There’s your 4 “mega conferences” with the PAC dying off. I could dig it.

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Big X is really going to have to add a lot of dead weight, since they will only expand into contiguous states, as you have posted repeatedly.:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

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I must confess. I didn’t see this one coming!

The B1G has never expanded EXCEPT within or immediately adjacent to its existing geographical footprint.

TOTALLY unprecedented!!!


Just messing with you. All in good fun.

Exactly what I am hoping for.

FTR I never thought the AAC would pull off that coup but this situation scans very differently. No P5/G5, there is a credible threat of the Pac-12 losing more teams, they have more limited options for restocking if they do lose teams, Big 12 makes leaving very very costly (especially for what would be at best limited approvement, and apparently Pac-12’s bylaws are just atrocious.

I never wanted us to turn down a Big 12 invite.

I don’t want us to accept a Pac-12 one.

Time may make a fool of me, but totally different feel.

ETA: One of the reasons I was pessimistic about our chances in a dogfight between us and the ACC is that their membership terms are right now much stronger than ours. The Pac-12’s are apparently much weaker.


Yeah, i dont want to have to say “I TOLD YOU SO!” but…wait for it…“I TOLD YOU SO!” :wink:

Scoreboard, like it or not blink, blink located in Austin is a powerhouse only by the money they generate. Other than that Georgia Tech is just as good. Being popular does not make them a USC.