This is the most significant AAC Championship game in the history of the conference

So much is on the line, and with all the controversy going on right now I’m sure this game will have a lot of eyes

Two teams undefeated in conference play going head to head. One of those teams has a shot at a playoff bid, the other has a chance to make a statement.

The Fickell-Notre Dame shananigans is enough to draw a viewing. That being said, our 3PM competition is the SEC championship which will draw lots of eyes too.

Go Coogs


Then again if you have TWO HD TVs you can watch both games in the same room …

You can get HD TVs at Best Buy for practically a song (and dance) and they deliver … FREE to boot …

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what happened with Fickell to OU?

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It’s bringing out the big guns!


Big guns need to bring big bucks for NIL.

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I don’t know thats really a thing. Brent Venables makes the most sense to OU. I’d be pretty surprised if him, Stoops and Switzer hadn’t already had a few conversations.

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The Coog Central Information Bureau has corrected this to “Fickell to ND”. Be sure and tell your comrades. :wink:


Like they say on the Discover credit card commercial “Spread the news and spread it wide” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Important to stay focused the Committee’s current five-year plan.

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Much love for The Godfather reference.

Well done!

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Cincy sill at CFP #4 in today’s release. Bama #3, Michigan #2, and UGA #1. If that held, it would be UGA vs Cincy and Bama vs Michigan. Then you would have UGA and Bama in a rematch for the championship.

But since we are going to remove Cincy’s chances, UGA will have some other team to warm up on before it’s rematch with Bama.


I have a lot of family that went to OSU, so I’m rooting pretty hard for the Cowboys to make a late push into the playoffs.