This is why I don't mind Thursday night games

I’d rather watch Temple Navy, UCF Memphis or USF Tulsa than watch Texas Tech TCU. I’ll probably be in the minority on this thought though.


Why? Just curious

We will find out next Wednesday whether the rest of the country agrees.
This will actually be pretty telling ratings night.

I have a vested interest and enjoy watching all the games in the conference as long as it’s not like a matchup of the bottom two teams. Memphis and UCF have offenses worth watching, Temple has a nice aggressive defense that Coogfans crave of our team while USF and Cincy feel like well balanced teams. It’s why I feel optimistic that the new TV contract will be much better than the last.


Tech with a 3rd string qb, backup center, and top wr out. Wish we could have played this banged up Tech team.


Yep, Tech is a completely different team on offense now. But no one will consider that when looking at our L.


UH /Tulsa got a .38 (562k) viewers last Thursday. That’s vs NFL and I think baseball as well. Pats/Colts got a 9 rating.

I am watching texas state play

I’m with you on that!

TCU 7, TT 3. REALLY!!!

UH could play both of these teams at the same time and beat both! Specifically these two at this point in time. They are terrible!!!


McLane Carter back in for TT. Guess they’ve seen enough of Duffey.

We had our shot we blew it against TT hopefully we win out now

I’ve been impressed with techs defense…another reason why I think our offense is legit and will continue to get better.


Frog’s qb is suspect.

Saquan Barley is worth watching. Best since Barry Sanders

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But no voter will factor that in to the Horns’ win over a “ranked” TCU team. It’s a shame that TTU doesn’t have their best QB

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They’re rigging it for UT. Look at Maryland which had lost to an AAC. team yet ranked above the team that beat them.

TT 1st down at the TCU 13 and ends up punting!!!

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I know you’re a bourbon guy, did not know about this fancy barley ingredient …

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I want Gibbs back as DC.


Oh punter :grinning:. That is the ugliest punt I have ever seen.