This isn’t rational but this hurts more than Michigan

I’ve never seen a gutsier performance.

(Warning: the following is a caffeine induced rant)

The Davis 3 when we were down 5 with 30 seconds left was ice cold. Brady playing hurt was both painful to watch and inspirational stuff. Then the Davis drive to tie it (that wasn’t) was damn near text book. The charge might have been legit but it was damn sure iffy and it is NEVER called to decide the freaking outcome of a freaking game.

But for a stupid, unprecedented :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: tech for taking a tie off :exploding_head::scream::triumph::cold_face::thinking: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

I know making the Sweet 16 is more important in the grand scheme of things than maintaining an undefeated season but this game was stolen from us.

End of rant:

I can take solace in what Coach said referring to that maybe without the slow start none of that would have mattered meaning we still have room for improvement meaning we can get a lot better meaning it will harder to have games stolen like that.

Go Coogs! LbWSU

One more thing: Hinton and Jarreau are just getting warmed up. :grin:


Naw, I love to be undefeated but when you see how the bracket broke down after UH lost in the tournament, it hurts more. UH would of destroy AM and probably would of beaten Florida St. Final Four was doable the way Rob Gray was playing and Corey Davis was shooting.


In all honesty, we could of easily gotten beat by LSU. They play great that 1st half but eventually the crowd and atmosphere of FC got to them, and the intensity of UH play won that game.

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What was the ref doing looking at Sampson instead of the action on the court? The clock was running.


No way, Michigan is still in my mind, I can still see that three point prayer shot go in…it’s our destiny to meet and beat them in the final four this year.
I stand by my earlier post…this team needed a loss. They needed to understand that they have a long way to go…
CKS understands but I am not sure Hinton, brooks, jarreau etc did…
the slow starts are the issue…if they had made thier shots in the first 5 minutes Temple never catches up, the tie technical woukd not be an issue…
If I were CKS, I would not start guys the next game who didn’t score in the first 5 minutes of the previous game as a rule going forward until we shake this trend.
I am hoping this loss increases the sense of urgency in the team overall…
They could be special…but they need to learn how to play with the same intensity from the start to the finish.

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I know it’s not rational. That’s just how I feel. You guys are more rational than I am is all that means,

You’re right. You’re not rational. Haha.

Michigan still hurts. That was just a brutal way to end a season.

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The Michigan loss was infinitely more painful than the Temple loss. Michigan prayer shot with no time remaining kept us out of the Elite 8 matchup with Texas A&M. How can anyone compare a regular season loss with the Michigan loss? If anyone thought the Coogs were going through the regular season without a loss is delusional. What we need to do is use the Temple game as a starting point for the balance of the season. Go Coogs!


Temple loss = kick in the stomach.

Michigan loss in March Madness = kick in the balls.

NC State loss in the 1983 National Championship = kick in the head, stomach, and balls.

They all hurt…NC State still hurts the most.

Go Coogs. Peace.


Being a loyal Coog supporter, follower for 50 yrs hurts all Over and can cause permanent damage to one’s mind, body, not just temporary symptoms. Got ya covered JohnnyCougar! :grin::grinning:


There’s not a right answer to this since it’s subjective, but the Michigan loss caused me to basically not watch another minute of the tournament. I’m not sure if there’s more pain than that (other than NC State).

The two other semi-recent losses that really hurt me bad were our 101-99 loss at UAB in 2008 (listened on the radio, not sure if it was even televised) that was a must win for us to have a shot at the tourney where Fluff dropped 41 and the loss at Arizona in 2009 where Aubrey got tossed for stepping on Budinger’s face and we blew a massive lead. The latter was brutal because a win would have been a huge boost to trying to build a tourney resume and we were subjected to several days of “Accident or Not Accident/Aubrey is a ‘thug’?” hot takes.

EDIT: Also forgot about the loss at ECU in 2002 that basically ended our tourney hopes and then one of our best players got arrested and kicked off the team after.


recency bias…when we win our next game, this will be old news…if we destroy temple in 3 weeks…i wont even care anymore

this loss probably gave us a huge check…temple was on the bubble, and needed a big win…we gave it to them…we just got a piece of their ncaa check and the perception boost of playing in a league with potentially 4 bids …which in the long run is good for us…expecially going into a negotiation year

micihgan for me was bad…i woke up thinking the whole thing wasa dream because i was in shock when it happened …i dont think that one will go away


Michigan - still have cases of “what if”.

Last night - ALREADY over it. Bad calls against us sure, but we had way too many missed opportunities before that.

Michigan made it to the Final Two and up until last night was our last loss. They beat us with a one in a million heave not the most bogus officiating ever.

That’s a completely subjective take and like I said, you guys are more rational about it. I just felt the need to rant.

On a side note: I wouldn’t be a bit shocked to see us fall out of the Top 25. Doubt it will happen but I wouldn’t be shocked.

career 41% 3 point shooter getting a clean look with his body square from about 25 feet probably goes in at least 30% of the time, or slightly more often than one in a million

It was more than 25 feet and I call BS on that shot going in 30% of the time.

One in a million was an obvious exageration.


we won’t fall far, we have one loss a NET of 4 and the loss was a tier 1 loss on the road…we need to spank witchita st this sat, and all will be right with the world.
this was an early conference game, this team has not completely gelled yet, and I think the time we play ucf and cinci we will be a much better road team

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Temple is not Tier 1 – Ranked 1-50 range.
They are in Tier 2 category-- ranked around mid 60s.

There is no way that was a 30% shot. He shot 37% from 3 last year and looks to have improved his shooting this year. Taking a contested 3 28 feet from the basket (I think it was more than three feet behind the line) within 1 second of catching it and DOING THE SPLITS IN THE AIR TO GET IT OFF IN TIME WITH ENOUGH DISTANCE is not going to be just 7% below his normal 3 pt percentage.

The shot itself was maybe generously like a 10% shot. Houston having a two point lead with ~4 seconds and shooting two free throws, missing both, Michigan getting that look from three and making it was probably like a 0.5% chain of events.


What TJCoog said.

When I lack eloquence and brilliance, I can count on someone here having my back :slight_smile:

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