This Off-Season

Just got several months longer…


Yes going to be real long

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Forced off season by way of “The Virus”. Great time to hunt and fish, if you like those things!


We have 35 months until kickoff…in DOG years. Because that how long this one is gonna feel…

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It’s kind of like when I went to Saudi Arabia in 1983 for Brown & Root. I decided if you find out you only have a year to live, spend it in Saudi Arabia, it will seem like eternity.


I knew a guy that worked in the mail room in Saudi for BR years ago. He was just out of high school. His dad got him the job. It paid $45,000 a year and he was barely 19 years old. Three months into the job he re-paid two weeks salary he’d gotten in advance, got on an airplane, and flew back to the US to live alone in their family home. He said he would have agreed to pay them back the full year to keep from staying there.

He said he became a master brewer when he lived there and could make rum from damn near scratch by the time he left.

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